Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Macarons from Sweet Spot

Macarons from Sweet Spot
I'd heard good things about Sweet Spot's macarons. They are very delicate indeed. The shells are a crisp airy lattice, held together by the filling of chewy rich ganache.

For me, I discovered that they taste even nicer after some time in the fridge, because the sweetness gets muted, and the flavours then really come out. My favourite is the plain vanilla (or is it lychee-vanilla?). There's also coconut, passionfruit chocolate, raspberry chocolate, double chocolate and milk chocolate - I'm really guessing here as there's no indication of flavours.

Macarons from Sweet Spot at Marina Bay Sands
I got these as part of the Marina Bay Sands press kit for the celebrity chefs event. The macarons were encased in a sturdy magnetized casing (almost like a jewelry box) that's almost too solid to throw away.

Thanks, Marina Bay Sands, for the treat! Remember to check out the celebrity chef tastings, if you haven't already!

Tastings, Part 1 - Tetsuya Wakuda, Guy Savoy, Santi Santamaria

Tastings, Part 2 - Daniel Boulud, Wolfgang Puck, Justin Quek



  1. Sure looks like it's gonna hit the sweet spot! ;)

  2. I wanted to bring back some from Ladurée for you and the rest to try, but I was still traveling around and it won't last.

    (Really!) ;-)

  3. i was figuring real hard at the flavors too, but we guessed the same :D


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