Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soon Heng Noodle: Wantan Mee at Pepys Road

Wantan mee at Pepys Road
This wantan mee stall is next to the Fei Zhai pork rib prawn noodles at the junction of Pepys Road and Pasir Panjang Road. The texture of the noodles was perfect - springy and firm. The sauce is all right, a mixture of dark sauce with generous sambal chili, but no epiphanies to be had here. Pity the char siew is the paper-thin and dry variety. This part so often drags down the experience of wantan mee.

Fairly decent wantan and soup
Fortunately the little wantans are not too bad, and the soup is fairly decent. In all, perhaps not the best wantan mee I've had, but it's an option I'll keep in mind if I'm in the area.

They also serve noodles or hor fun with either chicken feet (yum, I should try this next time), shredded chicken noodles, shrimp dumplings or mushrooms. Oyster sauce vegetables are also available.

Eng Lock Koo Coffee Shop
114 Pasir Panjang Road (corner with Pepys Road)
Singapore 118539


  1. Reminds me: I haven't had wantan mee in ages! Time to hunt for some... :)

  2. I actually went back for kway chap a few days after our visit but as the stall was still closed, lunch was wanton mee again. But this time, I ate it immediately (no waiting/phototaking) and found it much better!

    Love the dark-soy-sauce-chilli-fried-ikan-bilis-shallot-&-garlic-oil combi with the noodles! :) Char siew still cmi though.

  3. LFB: KL has so much wantan mee that's so good!

    HungryCow: Oh wow so it tasted better when there was no delay? That means I'm going to have it again when we next go back for kway chap! Wonder if they have roast pork to substitute char siew with...


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