Friday, April 3, 2009

Waffle Factory

D24 durian waffle
Mmmh, this was quite a treat. The D24 Durian Waffle (S$2.50) from Waffle Factory. It's just nice when you want a durian fix but don't want to eat too much. I had it as a takeaway so the waffle exterior was not crisp anymore, but the filling was still decent. Yum.

Waffle with pistachios and white chocolate (actually just icing sugar)
The White Chocolate Pistachio Waffle (S$1.80 or so, can't remember) was surprisingly nice too. It isn't really white chocolate they use, but something like cake icing.

Waffle Factory's cherry, butter corn, and cheese waffles
Most of the other flavours (S$1.20-$1.80) I tried were so-so. The Cherry Waffle is just cherry jam. Butter corn, another misnomer, because it's margarine, not butter they use. Hubby wolfed down the Cheese Waffle, so I didn't get to try it.

Crazy waffle buffet!
Waffle Factory has a crazy many flavours, and even crazier - a waffle buffet! Note that you only get one helping of the D24 durian waffle, so kill all thoughts of a durianfest! And you only have an hour to stuff yourself (frankly, I can't even finish two). Sorry for the blurry shot. I took this shot and the shopfront below rather hurriedly with my C905 cameraphone.

I found a thread slamming them for bad service just after they got featured on TV last year. When I was there, it wasn't crowded so they were fairly prompt. A Malay lady there was quite pleasant, but don't expect superfriendly smiles from the others.

10 Jalan Eunos Road
#B1-03 Singapore Post Centre Shopping Mall
Open Daily: 10am - 10pm


  1. I love the collage of the waffles, every step bringing us closer to freshly cooked goodness. :)

    P.S. Btw, your first pic is missing. Wrong pic link?

  2. Sorry, I replaced the photo, so I guess you caught it in transition! =) You're always one of my fastest readers!

  3. hey,good to see a hearty snack item at a reasonable price (or is the portion seemed blown up in the nice photos here?)..
    anyway, i can't wait to give this a try when i'm back in SIN :)

  4. hi, i've tried this a few times for their novel fillings but was warned about forbidden photography.

    btw, just across them there's a frozen yogurt shop called Slurps N Scoops worth trying. they've got really interesting flavours (:

  5. I've been there... wow, didn't realize their durian filling is so yummy. Next time then... :)

  6. oh mine, the D24 Durian Waffle looks really good! slurps!

  7. OMG! This looks great!
    Why it's not in Malaysia????

  8. Sofood: I just took the photo of item as-is. Right now the filling is fairly generous, but I hope they don't start cutting corners later, like many businesses in this recession!

    Elaine: Ah, I missed the frozen yoghurt shop. Must look for it next time.

    SIG: I nearly missed it myself...they have so many flavours!

    Jaime: it was! =)

    Jean: bug your local waffle makers to do it! The durian probably came from Malaysia though! lol

  9. Oh looks very interesting. Shall pay a visit the next time I'm in the Paya Lebar area.

  10. Thanks for the post. However, I still miss A&W's waffle and rootbeer float. I luv that when I was young.

  11. IS there a limited time for the buffet? :X

  12. Foodaholic: according to the poster above, it's a one hour buffet.

  13. OMG! 1HOUR ONLI? Dat means we hav to gobble up all the waffles lol?! Anw is the buffet still on now? :X

  14. durian pulp at


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