Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sake Inn at Tampines 1

Sake Inn is the first such specialty store in Singapore
The Tampines 1 blogger tour also brought us to Sake Inn - Singapore's first shop dedicated to sake and other Japanese drinks (juices, tea, etc). Pardon the photos - I had to use my C905 cameraphone because my 50mm lens would not accommodate wider angle shots.

Wall display on sake classification - you can click on the picture for a bigger version to read the details.

Small to large bottles of sake, chilled
Sake lovers can now enjoy premium imports previously not available in Singapore.

Chilled sake, juices and treats!
They also carry Japanese wine, canned drinks and juices. I love Japanese drinks!

Little cans and bottles
Can you see stuff you recognise? Some of the brands they carry include Sapporo Beer, Mei Jiu, Iichiko, Ozeki Sake, and Tamanohikari Sake. They even have "Healthy Vinegar"!

All kinds of sake!
I love Japanese packaging - so intricate and gorgeous.

They also stock other Japanese goods like sauces, and limited crockery
You can also find small varieties of Japanese sauces and products at Sake Inn. There's even a small crockery corner.

Thanks again to Tampines 1 for the tour. This is the final post on the shops there. You can find more of what's happening there at their blog.

#B1-30 Tampines 1 (can't miss the 50 huge sake barrels in front of the shop!)
10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529539


  1. wow! didn't know that there's this dedicated sake shop. more reasons to go Tampines 1!

  2. Wow, when did this open? I was back last yr for hols but was not even aware of this. Thks 4 the info. Will definitely go visit next time I'm home. (try to go home every 2 yrs. Btw, v interesting site :) Will visit more often! Merci.

  3. Great find! I have been assigned to buy premium sake at reasonable price to entertain guest!


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