Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Teadot is an open-concept cafe
The blogger tour of Tampines 1 stopped by Teadot for a break - here are two of the fashion bloggers posing for a shot (the food bloggers prefer to hide behind cameras).

Teadot as its name suggests is all about tea - reinventing tea with unconventional flavour combinations. This is the brainchild of two earnest 20-somethings who gave up engineering for entrepreneurship. Ah the young and the fearless!

Anyway, Teadot looks like a comfy chill spot. The layout is refreshingly open, and the cafe looks out onto the rest of the mall from its third floor balcony.

Matcha Gravity
OK, just a quick overview of the teas we tried. Matcha Gravity is the one I remember the most. You literally see little matcha flecks obeying the laws of gravity through the thick milky concoction. Stir well and you have a matcha latte.

Prices are S$5.95 for "Puny", S$6.55 for "Regular", and S$6.95 for "Generous". I'm not sure I like the term "Puny" - perhaps they are trying to inject quirkiness into the sizing, but the customer who just wants a small drink may feel extremely short-changed. If they don't want people ordering small sizes, perhaps they shouldn't offer it at all?

Little Red Fuji and other Frappe
Little Red Fuji is an apple frappe - Fuji red apples, black tea and milk (S$6.05 onwards). Innovative, yes. But this apple milk tea tasted a little astringent ("siap-siap"). The other frappe tasted better - but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was.

These are a wee bit pricey too for the portions but I suppose you're paying for a nice place to sit, and service. Must not compare to S$2 bubble tea drinks!

Lollipop Earl Grey
This is probably the Lollipop Earl Grey - "full-bodied, icy Earl Grey latte with a splendid dose of butterscotch". Quite delicious. S$5.95 onwards.

Angel's Breath
This is the "Angel's Breath" hot tea (S$5.65 onwards), made from an infusion of green tea, grains and citrus fruit. It was very sweet. We detected some ginger in it too.

And if someone comes to Teadot and still insists on coffee, well, he or she may be glad to find it is indeed available. However the names are not so flattering - "Boring Cappucino", "Tired Coffee Latte", "Lonely Coffee Frappe"...again, I'm not sure of the wisdom of this tactic, but then, who knows? Maybe youngsters today might think it cute.

Now, what's tea without some cake? Teadot also carries desserts specially sourced from a five-star hotel. We had some mango, chocolate, and mild jackfruit cakes, raspberry domes and strawberry tarts. Last photo is a gratuitous shot of a very sporting lad enjoying his cake (not sure where he got his from!).

Once again - major thanks to Tampines 1 and their agency for bringing us around the mall! I enjoyed meeting the other bloggers and discovering new places.

#03-K1/K2 Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529539
Open daily 10am to 10pm


  1. yeah,i always notice that most food bloggers (excluding the famed ones already, I mean anywhere) prefer to hide their identity including myself..hehe..

  2. Fashion bloggers? Got such thing ar? Maybe I should add that to my portfolio in addition to food, travel, stories and other weird stuff, hehe.

    As for Teadot... I do like the concept, which may forgive the higher prices for a time... but quality must be maintained, no? :)

  3. "food bloggers prefer to hide behind cameras" HAHA!

    eh kenny, u gonna write on fashion TOO? hahaha.

  4. Sofood: Yes, so true!

    LFB: Kenny the fashion blogger! Yes, I remember one of your posts went into great detail about what you wore for a wedding. Very upmarket fashion!

    LIC: are you havin' a laff? :P

  5. Must your identities be kept secret? Cannot show face?

  6. Ricky: anonymity is useful for food bloggers - keeping our identities and faces secret helps us when we want to dine incognito.

    But hey, many of us are shy people too! :)

  7. what is the link for the fashion blogger on the left? she's pretty!

  8. That's Beatrice Tan. She's very pretty indeed (even more so in person). Kinda reminds me of an Asian version of the character "13" from House, MD. Her blog is here. Don't stalk her too much, OK? :P

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