Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Al Forno Delivery

Ham and mushroom pizza
We have given up on most pizza deliveries, but still go for Al Forno's (see delivery menu). Here's the Prosciutto e Funghi - mushrooms, mozzarella, ham and tomato. Interestingly, they use what tastes like shiitake. I couldn't get used to it but everyone else was fine with it.

Pizza Diavola - still their best
We've tried a few, but still like the Diavola best of all. Tomato, cheese, salami and chili. One thing about the pizzas - Al Forno is very generous with oil, so it can get pretty heavy. Personally I think I prefer Spizza's Delivery, which we had a while back. Must try them again.

Al Forno Delivery
Note their delivery number is different from that for reservations. Menu prices don't include service charge and GST, so the final order can get a bit pricey - two pizzas will generally come up to S$50 thereabouts (all pizzas are 12.5 inches). They also add a delivery fee of S$3 for orders below S$40. Delivery is only for the area between Upper East Coast Road and Tanjong Rhu Road, since they only have one restaurant at East Coast Road.

Tel: 6348-8861


  1. Hmm... limited areas for delivery, looks like I have no choice but to drop by their restaurants... I love pizzas and the melting cheese just makes the pizza or rather your photos mouth-watering...

    "Generous with oil", does the oil comes from salami or they literally add oil to it?

  2. Hehe. I love the look of The Diavola... simple, meaty and spicy, just the way I like my pizzas! What's a little bit of extra oil though, if it's olive oil... or salami fats? Yummy. :D

  3. Thanks, Fen: Generous with oil - I think both from the cheese, salami and added olive oil!

    Kenny: yes, simple-meaty-spicy is just what it is! Haha, maybe it just felt heavy cos I ate too much.

  4. Great to find out that I can have this sort of pizza delivered at my doorstep! I will definitely try, although I have to admit that I always struggle with the idea of paying so much for a pizza. Unfortunately though, that's the one thing you just can't cook at home!


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