Saturday, January 31, 2009

Al-Ameen Eating House (Changi)

Al-Ameen Eating House
Al-Ameen branches have been popping up all over the island. This is the Changi outlet, which is near Kembangan MRT. The menu is incredibly extensive. It lauds almost everything from Thai to tandoori. But hubby says he'd only stick with the Indian Muslim stuff, as he does with most such eateries.

Cheese mushroom prata
The cheese mushroom prata is not too bad. You can see it's nicely browned and crispy on the outside, with gooey cheese within. Tad pricey at S$3 each, especially when compared to regular "empty" or "kosong" pratas at $0.70.

Hubby likes the murtabak. I prefer to save my calories for Zam Zam's. Both pratas and murtabaks come with really salty curry. Suits hubby just fine, but I thought it needed a better stock base.

Mee goreng Thai-style
Mee goreng Thai-style. I've never had this before. In fact, never knew it existed. Well, it kinda tastes like a spicy version of dark Hokkien mee. Not much ingredients apart from a solitary prawn, some slices of squid and cabbage. But the gravy is umami, and made up for everything.

Sup tulang (Bone soup)
They have great soup kambing (mutton soup). But we ordered the wrong thing - soup tulang (bone soup). I'm never a fan of those huge bones (nor the marrow within). This one seemed to be a watery and extra peppery version of soup kambing.

Spicy Lala Clams
I could not resist an order of spicy lala (clams, S$4), but I was quite shocked at the colour of the dish. It really is this bright, garish red that almost hurts the eye. Much like the colouring for the reddish Indian mee goreng. Tastewise...well, it was like a failed version of chili crab.

Tandoori display
They do have a nice display of tandoori items. Must try some of these with the naans next time.

Jolie wants some papadum!
The prata and papadums kept the kids happy. Jolie had her first taste of "teh halia" or ginger tea, and she loved it. The place is pretty much al fresco, as all seating is outside the shop. If you're enough of a daredevil, you can even sit right next to the road with vehicles zooming by.

I had been hoping the food would be as good as its main and original outlet at Bukit Timah, so I don't need to travel so far. But it looks like I should make a trip to the main shop for a proper comparison.

484 Changi Road
Singapore 419896
Tel: 64419120
Open daily 3pm to very late (about 4.30am or 5am)


  1. oh the quality of al ameen's food at bukit timah is nothing to shout about.

    The last time I had their tandoori chicken, I had to send it back. Blackened outside, raw inside.

  2. For a while, I thought you came over to Bkt Timah. :-)

    Ya, the Al-Ameen at Bkt Timah very inconsistent.

  3. Ah!!! You like Camembert cheese huh!! I like cheese and just recently tried out camembert (from Normandy), thought it quite pungent for me...
    Anyway, nice food blog! Drop by my page too for comments and suggestions!!

  4. Jolie is so adorable. Where's Nadine?

  5. Never heard of stuffing prata bread with cheese and mushrooms. Sounds like an awesome idea! Though I do love the plain stuff as well.

  6. I stay within walking distance to Al-Ameen Eating House and thus enjoy eating my pratas here, especially the murtabaks. Though they may not be as good as Zam Zam's (I had been eating at Zam Zam from young), the pratas here are still the better ones in the Kembangan area. Noor Jannah's used to have nice pratas but they stopped selling them. :(

  7. Cheese mushroom prata? That's certainly something we don't have here in KL. Hmm... maybe there's something after all to what Keropokman was going on in my blog about Singapore's Four Heavenly Kings of Cooking... ;)

  8. Ah, thanks for all the feedback!

    Wow, no cheese mushroom prata in KL?? Kenny, you better tell some mamak there to get innovating!

    Mommysam: Nadine was there too, but she was too fast for my camera!

  9. I found out this fact - that Murtabak has the highest calories per cubic centimetre! Very scary- other facts about local singapore food at my blog


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