Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obolo revisited

Framboise-Vanille: Cheesecake with raspberry glaze
Obolo has some new stuff (well, new to me anyway). Like this Framboise-Vanille: Vanilla infused cheesecake with raspberry glaze, on an Oreo crust. Simple but nice. Very thick and creamy.

Noisette: not as nice as it used to be
The Noisette, now a bestseller, is not as nice as I remembered it. Well, this slice tasted like it had been sitting there awhile. The supposedly crispy parts had absorbed too much moisture. I did go on a weekday afternoon, so I suppose cakes were not moving as fast as they would on a weekend.

Wonderful array of desserts
Their small but enticing array of desserts are still lovely to behold. I could not help taking photos, but I was stopped by the staff. Oops. Well, at least I got one shot. Enjoy!

452 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6348-9791
Weekdays from 12.30pm-9.30pm (Fridays til 10.00pm)
Weekends from 11.30am-10.00pm (Sundays til 9.30pm)
Closed Mondays and public holidays


  1. Enjoy your blog and esp the photos a lot. Keep up the good work.

    I'm intrigued on your comment on being stopped from photographing in the dessert shop. This must be a Singapore & "Asia" phenomenon.

    What's the deal with that? I was stopped from photographing at Delifrance, BreadTalk..etc on a recent trip to Singapore.

    Always wondered what is the big deal? If I wanted to "copy" their products, I can always buy one of each of the cake/bread..etc and bring it home to experiment. So what's the big "secret" anyway?

    Any thoughts?

  2. Singapore's not the only one. Many well known patisseries like Hidemi Sugino in Japan, photography is not allowed.

    I think to photograph your own cake or food is ok no problem, but to take photos of the shop, display counters is considered plain rude if you don't ask. imagine a stranger walking into your private home and whipping out his dslr to take pictures of your abode. how would you feel

  3. Anonymous: I also thought the same way as you, for the "copying" part. While most places are nice enough to allow photography if you ask, although there are some which has very strict no-photography rule.

    anyway, the Framboise-Vanille looks good, didn't see it the last time i was there. But i think June and Marc (the owners) will be more than happy to let you take photos if they were around. didn't had problems taking photos of the display counter when i went.

  4. To the first Anonymous, one got to understand the way Singaporeans blog. You are not talking about just a P&S anymore. When a cafe/restaurant/bakery allows photography, you may get a "paparazzi" situation and thus will cause disturbance to other customers (I am not implying Camemberu does it in this manner but when their bosses are not around, it is easier for them to say no-photos to all). However, when you let your intentions made known to the staff, they do allow photography (preferably during off-peaks hours) in most places.

    I understand the agony of being stopped from photography and I do have the "big-deal" mindset after being told off. However, when I experience having the camera pointed in my direction while I was dining, I can't deny the fact that I was alittle disturbed. At times, it is not just about "copying" the products but rather dining experience and the ambience is spoilt in the event of taking photos. I only get to understand this more when I started to talk to their staff and some of the no-policy places are ok with my pictures when I made my intentions known...

    I totally agreed with the second Anonymous...

    Nevertheless, the one shot you have of the glass display is so well-taken. Impressive handling of the camera... Like the others, I enjoy your photos too...

  5. These treats look amazing! I can only imagine how good they must taste.

  6. I didn't enjoy my experience dining in. The staff was unfriendly and couldn't wait to chase us out because we sat there a little past closing time. Just a little, like 2 minutes! We were the last customers and we ordered a whole platter of cakes costing up to $60, maybe more. If not for us, those cakes wouldn't be good to keep another day, would they?

  7. Great shots indeed. I live around the corner from this place, so I have been visiting it regularly. After a while it gets boring as they don't have a huge variety, but what they are good at what they do, and they do it consistently well.
    The staff is a little "slow" and lacks of vitality :)

  8. You had me at Framboise-Vanille - that looks absolutely delicious!

  9. That last shot is just too enticing for words... I feel like taking a flight now to S'pore just for that! Yums!

  10. Ah so many comments here. Sorry I've been a bit busy to reply.

    1st Anon: I doubt this fear of competitive spying/photographing is a Singapore or Asian phenomenon. I guess they can stop photos of store displays but for takeaway products, it's pretty pointless, I agree.

    2nd Anon: It's a bit different comparing a shop to a home. It's not a matter of privacy. Shops that prohibit photography want to protect their offering's uniqueness or competitive edge, and not let it be copied, that's all.

    LIC: I guess when they know you are a blogger (i.e. publicity!), and not a competitor, they have no problems with photographs. =)

    Fen: Paparazzi effect? That's an interesting point of view. Could be true in some places. But there was no one else at the shop when I was taking the photos. It was off-peak hours, yes. I think they were just afraid of competitors spying.

    Sara: Thanks! :)

    Stef: Hmm, that's not terribly nice, chasing customers away at closing time.

    Amiscell: True, not a lot of variety but they do it well. When the stuff is fresh, it's good. Haha, agree about the staff! Could be more alert.

    Katie: oui!

    LFB: Kenny, your sweet tooth is showing!

  11. Obolo asks blogger to delete her post:

  12. Obolo responds:


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