Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to SGH Again...

Softly ethereal, as life, these wantans afloat in soup.

Roast pork noodles
Roast pork noodles of little solace.

Nasi Padang
Hearty Nasi Padang fails to fill the soul.

Curry yong tau foo
Salty curry surprisingly good.

Ice Kachang
Sweetened snow calms the mind's frazzled furrows.

The SGH Kopitiam food court has gotten a facelift
Well, pardon the photos taken hastily with the Sony C905. I wasn't expecting (or rather was hoping not to) see the insides of Singapore General Hospital (SGH) so soon. Mother-in-law has been warded again, likely for pneumonia. I really should have forbidden her to go to that funeral mass where she caught this bug. I had such a strong feeling something bad would happen. Oh well.

The wards are full of people spending Chinese New Year in the hospital - both patients and their families. Viruses, bacteria, accidents and disease know no holidays.

I'll say the SGH Kopitiam foodcourt looks pretty good now. Nice facelift, and they've extended the air-conditioned areas. The Polar Puffs cafe nearby has also been replaced by Bengawan Solo. So many changes in just five months. But the food, well, is still just a tad better than hospital food served upstairs.


  1. Oh dear... I hope your mother-in-law will recover soon...

    Do take care of yourself too... It's tiring to take care both the young and old...

  2. Blessings to your family and mother-in-law...hope things goes your way this new year!

    Not sure if the chicken rice stall is still ard there...its one of the nicest there

  3. Hope your Mother-in-law is doing fine now.

  4. I really hope your mother-in-law recovers soon and is well now to enjoy the festivities of the new year.

    All my best to your family.

  5. Hey Camemberu, sorry to hear your MIL is not well again. Hope she's feeling better now. Happy "Niu" Year!

  6. Thank you everyone. Thankfully, MIL is home now, although still weak.

    Fen, you are so right - it is tiring to take care of young and old. Now I need someone to take care of me! lol

    Jackson, thanks for the chicken rice tip! I'm sure I'll be back at some point in time (hopefully not though).


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