Friday, January 18, 2008

Yella Fellas - Fricking Good Fries!

These are the fellas I wanted to check out. Yella Fellas at the revamped Bugis Junction food basement. Thick luscious chips (with skin on!) freshly cut and fried only upon order. The fries are indeed good. In fact, they are fantastic on their own, without any sauces or condiments. The mark of a good fry!

I've always liked the concept of a stall selling nothing but fries. So far the ones I've seen are a kiosk in New York selling Belgian fries in a cone, and another in Shibuya, Tokyo selling fries with all kinds of sauces and shaker seasoning (I love shaking fries around in a paper bag, coating them with flavouring, don't you? But the McDonald ones suck!).

I'm glad to see Yella Fellas but the stall still needs some serious work before it looks inviting enough. You don't see enough product clearly, there's no enticing smell of fries to lure people closer and the food samples are cold, soggy and cut too small. I think they need stronger marketing if they want to survive.



  1. Have to try it out, if we dun give these small concepts stalls a chance, den none will succeed. hahaha!

    the fries really are good ar? is it same price for all or diff pricing?

  2. i walked by the stall the other day and it didn't attract me at all. i had the bugis junction food guide in my hand, and know about it, but walking by the stall, it felt like a disappointment. it was so plain and almost missable. the only probable interesting thing there was the selection of sauces. i do think that they should do up the stall to make it more eye catching.

    but seeing your rave review, i'll sure to try them out the next time i pass by.

    so far i've only seen stalls that only sell fries in holland. it's a pretty common street snack in holland, with the house 'special sauce'. but i think the upkeep of a street stall is much lower than one in a mall. besides, i don't know if the human traffic flow is adequate for a decent profit. time will tell...

  3. i will not attract anyone without the aroma from the fries. i'm still thinking of the fries+mayo in amsterdam. loved that fried potato flavour!

  4. Are the fries really that good? Well, I guess "Yes" when you approach them with low expectations (not difficult given how much confidence the stall inspires). I won't say they're the superlative BEST-est fries! But I would gladly eat them again (sans sauces). I'm only hoping the quality is consistent.

    Ladyironchef: yeah go try them. I can't remember prices for all their products. But $2 gets you a small cone as pictured, and $2.90 for a tray. With choice of one sauce.

    xxoos and Nic: the fries must be extra tasty in holland, especially when eaten in cold weather!

  5. To be fair to them the fries do have a few outstanding features over those sold in fast food restaurants - they are thicker, and still retain their skin which means more nutritious. In terms of value for money, they also come up tops over those from fast food.

  6. As the Missionary of Belgian Fries, I support the idea. Have been to Singapore a month ago but did not know of this shop. Will go back in Jan. or Feb. to check them out and write a review on my site (

  7. Oh, I almost forgot: I know there is a shop in Tokyo but can not find any information (except you mentioning Shibuya, Tokyo in your blog). Has anyone an address or more info??

  8. Hi BelgianFries, the last time I went to Shibuya, I couldn't find that fries shop anymore. I hope they just moved somewhere bigger, and did not just close!

  9. Any idea where they shifted to? They are no longer at Bugis Junction.


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