Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breakfast at The CaffeBar

The CaffeBar is this little open concept cafe tucked in one far end of Parkway Parade. It's quiet and cosy, with sofas and reading material. However, its less than prominent location also makes it very easy to overlook or forget. We were quite surprised to find they served breakfast even when there's not much of a crowd in the mall at those hours. Hubby is always yearning for a nice western breakfast joint but sadly, this was not to be the place.

Their bread (both the toast and croissant) was stale and cold. The eggs were very plain and tasted alike. The bacon resembled plastic. But the grilled sausage saved the day! Very delicious, complete with snappy casing.

Service here is generally quite all right, and the quietness of the place is a nice respite from the maddening shopping crowd. They do better food for lunch and dinner.

80 Marine Parade Road
#01-34D Parkway Parade
Tel: 6345 4345



  1. Thanks for visiting 'droolworthy'....been on a diet so stopped eating the interesting stuff. Your photos are really tempting me though. Yummy...especially the chips!!

  2. hmm... do you know what time do they cease to serve breakfast? from what you've described, i'd like to try it for their sausage, haha~

  3. Haha, xxoos, it'd be great for your sausage blog! Sorry I didn't ask them their breakfast hours. I'd reckon up to 11am or thereabouts. But to be sure, maybe you can call the number above?

  4. If you want a good greasy English breakfast in the east, try Scruffy Murphy's at East Coast Park (the McDonald's area). Good fry-up, plus great view and breeze. I blogged about it last year.

  5. Hi Tym, thanks! I didn't know they served breakfast. Looks good!


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