Saturday, January 12, 2008

Breakfast Beehoon/Noodles

Sometimes I like to indulge in some greasy chow for breakfast. The plain fried beehoon/noodles/kway teow with accompaniments like fried egg, luncheon meat, ngoh hiang, fish cake, fish fillet, etc. can be found everywhere but really good ones are rare. I like the ones that are garlicky, cooked in good stock (not just laced with soy) and with nicely blanched beansprouts. This dish is normally not something one would search far and wide for, unlike good char kway teow or bak chor mee. But I wouldn't mind finding out more good places.



  1. Same here! I used to eat economic beehoon for brekkie, and there's one very good one at Teban Gardens, but the vendor's rather old and decided to kind of retire and take a rest from it already, :(

  2. Hi! I came across your blog when I was searching for Singapore cuisine. You did a really wonderful job of food-hunting and displaying those delicious food!

    I am a Singaporean who is currently studying in the States... I pay your blog a visit whenever I miss Singapore food! So keep posting more photos :)


  3. do you miss the unavailability of gravies(lor and watered down curry in BP) in sg?

    I really wished that they would provide this especially those noodles that are fried so dry.

  4. Zhengning: ah what a pity! Hey I lived a year in Teban Gardens back in the 90s! Vaguely remember an old wet market there.

    Anon/Jason: Thanks very much! I will try my best!

    Southernoise: Oh yes, the watery but savoury curry they splash onto the noodles! Makes such a difference! Wow you are bringing back such childhood memories! The curry gravies here are just not the same.

  5. southernoise, camemberu,

    your replies suddenly make me think of the 'Kampung Merdeka' / 'Jiu Lai' corner shop selling economic beehoon.

    they splash the so called 'water gravy'. ah...... it does makes a difference!

  6. Keropokman, you are spot on! Yes, I am describing exactly beehoon from that "Jiu Lai" area! My parents live near there, I grew up eating that! Wah, I think we must review it someday...


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