Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas everybody!

Whether you celebrate it or not, Christmas tends to fill the air with cheer. But beyond the feasting, gifts exchanges and merry-making, I find Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect upon love and life. My family huddled together on the eve to watch The Nativity Story, a beautiful, thoughtful (and non-preachy) movie that even atheists can enjoy. It's exquisitely shot and emotionally moving, not to mention entertaining too, with the three wise magi providing light comic relief. Trailer below.

At the end, we felt very grateful just to have the family, all safe together at home. A blessing often taken for granted yet one that can make all others pale by comparison. May you and your family always enjoy this too. Have a lovely holiday!


  1. A tad late...anyway, merry christmas and happy new year! eat, drink and be merry, ya!


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