Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blanco Court Sliced Fish Soup - Beach Road

This is quite a popular place for sliced fish soup, with queues forming even before lunchtime. One sip of the flavourful broth and you will understand why. It's sweet, umami and delicious! The fish is extremely fresh - none of that stale fishy smell. It's a healthy meal to boot too, with lovely generous greens - is it spinach? I'm bad at identifying leafy veges. But I just thank God it's not the cheap, bitter chye sim for once!!

I ordered a mixture of sliced fish and fried fish (S$5). They add bits of fried egg to the soup as well. The fried fish is well-seasoned and very savoury. Unfortunately I only got three small pieces. The other Blanco Court Fish Soup (the one at the China Square food court) gives you a HUGE ASS bowl with multiple thick slabs of fried fish and lots of egg (sorry but I just love fried egg). However, I concede the soup is better here. I also found fried ikan bilis (anchovies) at the bottom of the bowl.

This stall is located in a dark, grimy little eating house that hasn't changed in over a decade. But don't let that put you off the food. Just join the crowd tucking in al fresco on plastic foldable tables spilling out onto the sidewalk. Yummy.

Luk Lu Eating House
341 Beach Road (off Aliwal Street, opposite The Concourse)
Open 10am to 7.30pm (closed Sundays)



  1. Hey Camemberu, have you tried the fish soup at Blk 124 Bt Merah Lane? Cheap and good. Highly recommended. A long queue starts forming at 11 am. They are open from Mon-Fri for lunch only. $3 for a bowl of fish soup and $2.50 for bee hoon or mee sua. It comes with lots of pak choy (cabbage) and the soup is sweet and tasty.

  2. Victor: Ah, I read about this place in Hungrygowhere. Same place as Kee Eng Kee restaurant? If I'm ever out West on a weekday, I'll check it out. Thanks!

  3. Happened to bump into your blog..
    errr...that is me in the queue.

    Copyright leh...hahahaaha

  4. Really? Hahahaha, then you are now famous, even though we can't see your face.


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