Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I <3 Cereal Prawns!

Butter cereal prawns, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

And this is not just cereal prawn but butter cereal prawns! Extra fragrant, yummy and still crisp, despite being a takeaway. I ate even the skins and tails (not the heads though, although I peeled the tasty batter off them). And I love the crispy bits with curry leaves and sliced chili padi. Whoever invented cereal prawns, I am greatly indebted. It's one of my favourite dishes that I never get sick of, although when I first heard about it many years ago, I avoided it because the concept sounded terrible - cereal with prawns? Oh my, who would have thought it could be so delicious?

1 Liang Seah Place
#01-01/02 Liang Seah Street
Tel: 6837-0129

p.s. The other dishes at this place may not be so good - I didn't add photos of the bland fried rice and fried horfun.



  1. you sure the cereal prawn there is nice? .. i remembered not having a good impression of the food there

  2. jx, well, the cereal prawn was the only thing I enjoyed. Other dishes (supposed Thai-style fried rice, fried horfun) were quite bland and tasteless. I didn't bother to put up the photos here.

  3. I like the cereal prawns at Por Kee =D

  4. Ah yes, Por Kee...one of my "to-eat" targets...

  5. Try the Cze Char Stall opposite Maggie's...Cereal Prawns, Mee Goreng, Fried minced meat Eggs, Fried Fritters are just as nice if not better.


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