Monday, July 9, 2007

Malaysia - Roti Canai and Thosai

Roti prata is known as roti canai in Malaysia - if you try to order a roti prata, you might get either puzzled looks or a roti planta (stuffed with margarine and sugar) instead. There are many dingy little stalls in Malaysia that serve up excellent roti. I like the version at this shop at Jalan Kluang in Batu Pahat.

Crisp outer layers with softly elastic centres make it easy to pull apart. Here they give you three dips - a chicken curry, a chili sambal paste and vegetable dhal curry - so you can have fun trying different combinations of tastes. They also have fish curry you can ask for separately.

Thosai with egg, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

They also serve various other Indian goodies like thosai, chapati, idli and curries with rice. The thosai is very good here - just the right amount of savoury and sour to create the "one bite is not enough" addiction. I particularly like the plain version, which comes with a really crispy fringe. This one pictured is with egg slathered in the middle.

Wash all this down with some good frothy teh tarik. Heck, they even do kopi tarik ("pulled" coffee) here. In true Indian fashion, drinks are supersweet here, so ask for "kurang manis" (less sweet) if you prefer.

This is all where it happens - a tiny little portable worktop with hot iron griddle. Each roti canai is made (yes, kneaded, flattened, flipped and folded) and cooked only upon order - none of that horrid pre-made stuff sitting cold in a pile. Thosai and chapati are also made here. Amazing how this humble little space churns out some of the yummiest stuff.

This shop takes up two shophouses and is near the Shell station close to the roundabout. Food here is halal too.

27 Jalan Kluang (shops 3-4)
Batu Pahat, Johor
(forgot to ask opening hours but certainly open on Sundays as early as 8am)


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  1. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum! I love Roti Canai. I could eat a dozen in one go. I used to always have them for Breakfast when I was visiting my relatives. Super delicious! You have me drooling on my keyboard. Only wish I could find them in Paris.


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