Monday, July 30, 2007

Nasi Padang at Parkway Parade basement food court

Parkway Parade once produced a booklet promoting over 40 food-related shops within its premises. However, there really isn't much that's really good there. For cheap eats, the basement food court is still better than Banquet up on the 3rd floor. The Nasi Padang stall is reasonably OK, although the stuff it offers seems more Chinese than real nasi padang. See prawn paste chicken and long beans and omelette in picture above.

They have quite a variety of dishes. I remember the rendang is not bad too.



  1. I know you're an East-sider but if you do have the chance, try the nasi padang at Hoy Fatt road. It's really quite good!
    Lunch only, closed on Sundays and one more other day which I can't remember =S

  2. Thanks for the tip, D! I looked up Hoy Fatt Rd and found the ST writeup on it too! Will make a journey to the West for this!


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