Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yet Con Chicken Rice

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This place needs no introduction. Most famous for chicken rice and crispy roast pork, Yet Con has been serving Hainanese specialties since 1940. This institution has not changed since I last visited it 18 years ago. The old world charm it exudes remains one of its most appealing traits.

The elderly Chinese waitress spoke English well, to my surprise. We were served promptly and food arrived equally fast. A large bowl of piping hot chicken broth with tofu and coriander, followed by steamed chicken (they only have the "pak cham kai", no roast chicken here), roast pork and stir-fried kailan in oyster sauce (not pictured).

True to Hainanese tradition, the chicken did not have any soy dressing at all, so it seemed a little bland. The rice, however, delivered all the taste. It was very fragrant, beautifully savoury and I dare say, more salty than the chicken. Too bad it was in such a tiny bowl. We almost asked for more but decided to curb our carbs.

The roast pork was indeed crispy but a tad too dry for my taste. It also went very well with the rice.

I'd certainly go back again to try the other dishes. I don't know but something about eating in that environment makes adds an old homestyle flavour to the food. I love the classic marble-top tables and coffee-shop style wooden chairs, the no-frills wall tiles and lovely mosaic flooring. I hope they never renovate.

25 Purvis Street
Tel: 6337-6819


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