Monday, May 21, 2007

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits

Popeyes still gets my vote for best fried chicken in Singapore. Pity they only have ONE miserable branch in the whole of Singapore, allowing KFC to run amok all over the country. [UPDATE on April 28, 2008: Popeyes now has a branch at Terminal 3 (airport) and the Singapore Flyer.] However, I am finding something increasingly disappointing about Popeye's - the more you eat it, the less you like it (or are their standards dropping?)

My friend who is a chicken fanatic says KFC original still has better flavour, although he conceded that Popeye's chicken is much better quality. My hubby agreed with that too! Oh, collusion of the KFC original 11-herb siders.

Oh heck, at least Popeyes has best fries if nothing else!!! Savoury and Cajun-spicy - yum! And hey, you gotta love the biscuits!

The only downside to Popeyes...that greasy satiated after-feeling...

Changi Airport Terminal 1
South, upstairs of Departure Hall



  1. hey hey.. there is a new Popeyes outlet in terinal 3.. There is another new chicken outlet at cinei leisure called BBQ chicken though.

  2. Popeyes at The Singapore Flyer too!

  3. Haha thanks, yes, I know. Time to update this old post...

  4. Hi. I'm a great following of all your food adventure! I've tried all outlets of Popeye's and I must say only T1 outlet has some consistency. Singapore Flyer outlet can't cope with the crowds in the evenings - chicken is cold, but go in the afternoon for a satisfying lunch! T3 which is forever crowded, doesn't even have any quality control at all. The fish and fries were all soggy - giving a bad name to its fantastic cajun fries! - Kirsten

  5. Wow, thanks for the tip. I haven't tried the other two outlets. Sounds horrible!


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