Monday, May 28, 2012

Tang Hong Kong Gourmet at 116 Neil Road

I've been busy reviewing food for Yahoo Makanation (their online food magazine) since Aug last year, and I'll start sharing some of the places with you here as well. One of these is Tang Hong Kong Gourmet at 116 Neil Road. Chef Benson Tong whips up robust Cantonese fare in a spartan little cha chan teng. He tries to keep his food honest and affordable. No service charge or GST either.

You must try his Roast Duck (above, beautifully done with crispy skin, and tender, well-marinated meat), deep-fried silver fish (white bait), chicken chop with cheesy mushroom sauce. Go for his signature Tang Spicy coconut prawns too, if you like stuff like wasabi prawns. His is indulgently creamy with a hint of curry spices.

The food is probably best when Benson is personally behind the stove. We went on a surprise visit, and fortunately he was in the kitchen that day. Of course, some dishes are better than others, but variety-wise, there's certainly something for everyone. They have some affordable lunch sets below S$10 too.

Will be recommending this place on 93.8LIVE today for Foodie Lunch Pick!

Full review and photos at Yahoo Makanation here.

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  1. hi there!!! (: i've been reading your blog and i love it! always a surprise when i visit :) i've recently started my own food blog too, do you mind linking me? :) :)!

    have a nice day (:


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