Sunday, May 20, 2012

SunnyHills Spring 2012 Oolong Tea Party: You're Invited!

Remember those delicious SunnyHills pineapple cakes from Taiwan? Did you know that each time you go to their shop, be it in Taiwan or Singapore, you get warmly welcomed with a pineapple cake and a cup of oolong tea, totally on the house? It's part of their generous hospitality.

Sunnyhills pineapple cake and oolong tea
That oolong tea they serve is actually of pretty good quality - better than the stuff you pay for at some Chinese restaurants. And because it's been so popular, they will soon be selling their Spring 2012 oolong tea, only for a limited period. There'll also be a photo exhibit on the process of making oolong tea, which is rarely documented in English.


Date/time: any day between 27 May to 9 June
Time: any time between noon to 6pm
Venue: Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade #03-05, 328 North Bridge Road

Sunnyhills Singapore
But actually, why wait? Just pop down any day and savour the SunnyHills hospitality. I love their shop up on the third floor of the iconic Raffles Hotel. It's a quiet oasis in the city, a great place to just chill, chat and read. Very popular with Japanese expats.

Oolong Tea at Sunnyhills Singapore
And the tea helps. Sometimes, there's nothing like a good cuppa to bring calm and clarity to one's senses. Enjoy!


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  2. Pineapple cake and Oolong...what an amazing combination!

    I am a huge tea fan and of course I love Oolong tea! Who doesn't?!

    Which oolong tea variety did you try? One of my favourite varieties is Tie Guan Yin. Have you ever tried it?
    It's so smooth and delicate! I love drinking it at lunch, especially when eating heavier meals, as it helps me digest and it dissolves excess acidity.

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