Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Nespresso Pixie Review; and $80 discount on all Nespresso machines for GSS!


The kind folks at Nespresso loaned me their Pixie machine (S$398) - it's one of their latest models, and true to its name, is petite and portable.

I have been seeing lots of Nespresso Essenza machines in hotels, and was curious about the many other flavours of coffee capsules they have. There are at least 16 Grand Cru coffees, with seasonal or limited edition flavours every few months.

Jolie was very happy arranging the capsules in rainbow colours.

Personally, I prefer the darker, stronger brews and vanilla-scented holiday specials. Some have a lemony tinge, yet others have hints of spice, cereal, wine, or flowers.

The Pixie itself is quite compact, and is much easier to use than previous models. Just lift the metal handle, slot in the capsule in the cavity revealed, and press down that handle again. Then select the beverage size/style - espresso (small) or lungo (large).

Pictured next to it is a milk frother which can do milk either hot or cold. It also comes in two different strengths of frothing for your homemade cappucino or latte.

The coffee itself comes with a discernible crema. The different flavours offer varying intensities, roasting levels and aromas. You will probably say goodbye to instant coffee, but maybe not quite yet to the kind of espressos from high-end S$7,000 machines used in shops and restaurants. For home use, and at (sometimes less than) S$1 a cup, it's decent enough.

I held a Nespresso party with this portable Pixie. Yes, I brought it to Keropokman's and Momo's home and we had a few other bloggers come over to try out the machine and different flavours. The coffee was perfect with brownies, cookies, ice cream, and crunchy snacks! We had fun with the machine - it was really easy to use, even for someone who has never tried it before.

Nespresso also has a brand new Latissima+ machine (S$688), which looks to be a coffee and milk combination machine. It boasts a "one-touch" milk solution to help you create a range of espresso-based beverages (especially cappucino) at home. (Photo on right courtesy of Nespresso)

And for the Great Singapore Sale, Nespresso is offering an S$80 discount on all their coffee machines from 23 May to 22 July at Nespresso boutiques (ION #01-14 and Takashimaya basement one) and Nespresso authorised trade outlets (TANGS, Robinsons, Best Denki, selected Harvey Norman and COURTS stores). One machine per customer and subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with this George Clooney commercial. Yes, George has been the face of Nespresso for a while now. The machines are cool and capsules are cute, but they still can't beat Clooney as eye candy.



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