Friday, May 25, 2012

IKEA BÅGIG Ceramic Knives

IKEA Bagig Ceramic Knives
IKEA has introduced a set of ceramic knives for just S$29! These are called BÅGIG - I have no idea what that means in Swedish but am sure it's something cool. As an IKEA ambassador, I got a set of these babies to try out.

IKEA Bagig Ceramic Knives
There's a vegetable knife with a 15cm blade (28 cm total length) and a smaller paring knife with 12 cm blade (25cm total length). The good thing about ceramic knives is they almost never need sharpening. But they can be more brittle than steel, so don't go hacking frozen hard stuff with it, or try to bend or drop the blade.

IKEA Bagig Ceramic Knife - it's sharp but the thick blade does require some strength
The IKEA blades are sharp for sure. They slice through vegetables and fruit quite easily. The only thing is, I notice I needed more strength to cut with these knives as the blade itself is quite thick. I had a ceramic knife from elsewhere which had a thinner blade - that sliced things more easily, but it was also more prone to breaking - yikes! I guess it's better to be safer with a sturdier knife!

I do like the other IKEA knives - I have a Slitbar bread knife that super wonderful with breads!

Thanks to IKEA Singapore for sponsoring the knife set.


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    1. Oh thanks, Katarina! Now I'll be imagining exotic scimitars when I wield these ceramic blades!


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