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Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

An eclectic mix of chic and casual
There's something delightful about skiving. Stolen moments of idyllic pleasure, away from the drudgery of "must-do" duties. It's this celebration of joy that gave rise to Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar.

Skyve is by the owners of Table 66 - they moved here and gave the bigger premises a new name. The food here is similarly modern European, like what they used to serve there.

The good thing is - they've expanded opening hours to include breakfast.

Skyve Sous Vide Egg Benedict
Skyve Sous Vide Egg Benedict (S$12) atop Grilled Portobello Mushroom.

You'll notice that sous vide cooking is a big thing here. Chef Vincent Teng absolutely champions the method and keeps experimenting with different combinations to come up with better renditions of dishes.

The egg is cooked at a precise 52.5 degrees C for an hour to achieve that perfect poached quality. Fans of runny eggs, run here! Even the cherry tomato is confit cooked. How it glistens so seductively.

This is served at breakfast and weekend brunch. A dinner version available at $18.

Skyvefella Oyster
Skyvefella Oyster (S$30 for 1/2 dozen, S$56 for 1 dozen)

Coffin Bay (Australia) oysters are gently grilled in a chive sauce topped with Iberico ham and Parmesan biscuit. This is available during dinner and as bar snacks. However, interesting as these were, I still think oysters are best enjoyed raw.

Skyve Seared Beef Tartare
Skyve Seared Beef Tartare (S$22)

If you're squeamish about totally raw beef, try this version that's slightly caramelised on the surface. It's topped with a truffle miso egg yolk (sous vide treated) and chopped chives. Mash this together and spread on crouton slices.

Else you could go for a burger.

Char Grilled Beet Burger
Char Grilled Beet Burger with Truffle Fries (S$30)

Haha, be careful which you order! The beef burger or the beet burger. We found the vegetarian version most intriguing.

Char Grilled Beet Burger
Somehow the chef has managed to emulate the texture of beef in the beet patty. I could never do this at home!

The fries are good!
The truffle fries - simply fabulous! Beautifully crisp shell giving way to hot fluffy insides. The aroma of truffles isn't overpowering. It's just enough to lend interest.

Sous Vide Spring Chicken
Sous Vide Spring Chicken ($32)

Spring chicken marinated with lemon myrtle, served with creamy corn, blanched broccolini, and a little pot of chicken jus reduction. Sous vide cooking keeps the meat moist and tender, and the chicken is given a final browning for good colour.

Sous Vide Crispy Pork Belly
Sous Vide Crispy Pork Belly (S$34)

Ahh...super crispy and aromatic crackling atop meat that's almost too soft to be true. Again, you can thank sous vide for making this possible. The apple and potato gratin complements the pork flavours and the prune sauce is just acidic enough to cut through the fatty flavours. A small side of fennel salad rounds up this dish. I think we unanimously liked this.

Confit of Duck Leg
Confit of Duck Leg (S$34)

I always have a weakness for duck confit. It's so bad, it's good. Crispy skin, salty tender meat. Served with grilled vegetables and a sweet tamarind sauce.

Ricotta Hot Cakes
Ricotta Hot Cakes (S$12)

OK, I have to admit I still don't get the appeal of ricotta pancakes. But the tangy passionfruit syrup and butter plus the caramelized almond flakes add jolts of flavour and texture. Available for breakfast and weekend brunch.

Homemade Maple Ice Cream
Homemade Maple Ice Cream (S$12)

I do like the ice cream. It's so dense, it doesn't melt for a long time, unlike the commercial ice creams that have so much air whipped into them. The wafer slices harken back to the old days when ice cream used to be sold this way. I can't fault the caramelized apple with cinnamon and fleur de sel either.

Skyve used to be an elementary school but now a bistro and bar
The bistro and bar completely transforms an old elementary school tuckshop into a hip and urban retreat. The school never looked this good, I'm sure.

Menus like bound academic journals
Even the menus are designed to mimic bound academic theses and journals!

Interesting placemats that gets conversation going
And these quirky placemats will get conversation going for sure. Some customers like them so much, they take these home as souvenirs!

Well, there's certainly plenty of dishes to explore at Skyve. But it probably makes sense not to over-order predominantly sous vide dishes, as after a while, the textures will taste alike.

So have a cocktail or drink and chill out during Skyving Hours:
Weekdays 8.30am-8pm; Weekends 10am-8pm
- enjoy 20% off wines and champagne by the glass, Hoegaarden and Stella Artois on tap

10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17
Singapore 227977
Tel: +65 6225 6690

Tuesday to Friday: 8:30am to Midnight
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to Midnight
Public Holidays: 10am to Midnight
(Monday closed till further notice)

Many thanks to FoodNews for hosting, and Celine of Skyve for the lunch!

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  1. The operating hrs of Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar has changed since May 26. The new operating hrs is from 10am to 12 midnight. 7 days a week including Public Holiday.


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