Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Invite Mr Wright - Season 2 Kicks Off 29 March on TLC

It's me and Ian again
Yes, he's back! Ian Wright was in Singapore yesterday to host a Canon photo gallery exhibition and announce his new season of "Invite Mr Wright" on TLC (Starhub cable channel 427). The series is about spending time with the locals, and seeing their perspective, instead of solely our own. That's really the way to get to know a country, through their people.

I remember his former "Out of Bounds" episode on Okinawa. I'm flying there later today with Eunice, so we managed to ask him what he remembered best about the Japanese islands. Awesome food, he tells us! The chefs are just as skilled as the ones in cities like Tokyo and Osaka, but the prices at just a fraction! The people are also more warm and expressive. It's a lovely vibe there. I can't wait.

Oh and it turns out there's an episode on Okinawa in this series too. He gets to fool around with their professional football club!

There is an episode on Okinawa!

Looks like he ended up being the mascot!

Hey, he's my mascot too - on my sidebar "About Me" profile photo for almost two years now. Yes, someone's telling me to update that photo, but how often do you get to see this globe-trotting guy? I certainly never thought I would have a second chance after that dinner with Ian two years ago.

Mischief with Ian Wright

Well, it sure was nice to see Ian again. This is me monkeying around while taking photos.

OK you must have some gratuitous food shots. We were at Sky on 57, Marina Bay Sands. So here are a couple of excellent cocktail bites that Justin Quek prepared.

Ridiculously delicious chicken satay
Whoppingly delicious chicken satay - perfectly spicy and savoury. I think we ate too many of these, but they were so good.

Pork jowl with Asian Spices and Bean Sprouts
Pork jowl with Asian Spices and Bean Sprouts - a pop of fatty flavour spiked by black pepper and a touch of Sichuan spices as well. Simply gorgeous.

Justin Quek and Ian did an episode cooking together, and he also did a fantastic dinner
Justin Quek did quite well with dinner too - there was a sublime slow-cooked salmon so tender, moist and sweet. Plus some braised beef cheeks wrapped in Savoy cabbage that just makes you go "wow!".

Justin and Ian have an episode together too - yes, Singapore is one of the six countries featured - and they actually cook together (or try to). I have never seen Ian cook anything, so that will be interesting.

Canon also got Leslie to give some tips on shooting food, and he says you don't need a DSLR to take good food shots. But I forgot to take a photo of him on stage. Blame the beef cheeks!

So remember to catch Ian Wright on TLC (Starhub cable channel 427) 10pm Thursdays from 29 March.


  1. How great for you to meet Ian Wright :)

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  4. Been there, because the winner for the Meet and Greet Mr. Ian Wright from the Philippines is my Wife. So happy to meet him personally, so Bubbly ...Funny and Great...


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