Sunday, March 11, 2012

Japan's 3.11 Disaster: One Year On

I don't know who made this video, but the segments featuring the Japanese at the end are quite touching.

It is one year from the Tohoku disaster that shook the world last year.

The people of Japan still need all the help and encouragement they can get. Rebuilding is going to take years, perhaps more than a decade. Tourism is still hurting and even the cities that are safe from radiation don't see as many tourists as pre-2011 days. There are so many places you can still visit - Okinawa for one, which I will show you (after I wade through the 1000+ photos).

Actor Ken Watanabe has taken a year off his Hollywood projects to go back to Japan and help his country. He's helped Discovery Channel with a documentary series on rebuilding Japan. Hope to see more soon.

Meanwhile, here's a video from his Unite for Japan website, which lists the some reputable charity agencies you can donate to. Track by Youtube ukelele sensation Jake Shimabukuro.



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