Saturday, March 17, 2012

RWS Malaysia Food Street: What's Hot, What's Not

Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Singapore

Have you visited the Resort World Sentosa Malaysian Food Street yet? I promised you some time ago I'd bring Malaysians and folks familiar with Malaysian food to see if the hawker dishes there stand up to scrutiny. Well, here's our unvarnished verdict - my story is in Yahoo's Makanation.

P.S. The prawn noodle soup is good!


  1. Thanks for this story :) Been planning to go try since like the day it opened, just haven't gotten round to going, now that you've done the "filtering" I know what to eat and what to avoid :P

  2. Hi all,

    We have just finished a post about Malaysian Food Street Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)

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  3. I have just been all round the world and have formed a very poor opinion of it.

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