Monday, October 31, 2011

Kway Chap from Tai Say Eating House 富成潮州卤鸭果汁

Kway Chap
Places are really closing faster than I can try them. There I was at Geylang Lor 17 to check out the famous Jia Xiang Ho Po Hakka Lei Cha Fan (rated six chopsticks in the Makansutra guide). I had seen it a couple of times when I went to Old Mother Hen, and assumed it would always be there. But it was gone. In its place, some refurbished food court, with a 24-hour dim sum joint.

I was incredulous. I literally called up the owner and they confirmed that they were not selling anymore for the time being. Devastated, I wandered around in a mindless stupor, kicking myself for not coming earlier. But I didn't wander far. Just over at Lor 15, comfort food beckoned - kway chap! This 富成潮州卤鸭果汁 stall at Tai Say Eating House I'd seen numerous times too, but no one seems to have reviewed it much.

Well, the kway chap (S$3.50) fared better than my expectations (which admittedly were not very high in the first place). The innards were clean and came in a lovely gravy. The only let-down was the "kway" rice sheets. The soup did not come piping hot, and the rice sheets did not taste as smooth as I've had elsewhere.

Stall inside Tai Say Eating House 富成潮州卤鸭果汁
They have braised duck too, and lots of strange parts I could not identify. The whole coffee-shop looks rather run-down and old school. But some might just find that adds to the appeal of the place.

Tai Say Eating House
Corner of Geylang Lorong 15 and Sims Avenue


  1. Oooh, Devil would love this place - he's more of a kway chap fan than I am, I've gotta admit. :)

    I really do admire how you can switch from fine dining in one post to street food in the next, and with such ease and passion for both. Brava!

  2. there is still a lei chai stall in Boon Lay market

  3. Thanks, Kenny! Street food or find-dining - it's all good makan!

    Anonymous: yes, I know. It's just...a bit far. Is it worth the distance?

  4. it is so nice post. i like this post a lot. awesome foods.

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  5. I found a couple of really good kway chap shops in Johor Bahru. It's called kway teow kia over there as it is served with kway teow instead of kway. The morning breakfast and lunch time scene is quite a spectacle, especially at Ka Hoe's. Am going to try out other well know kway chap shops over there.

  6. Haha I like your term "find-dining" really clever use of English and right on the dot :D

  7. Thanks, Johor Kaki! Nice blog you have, with all the JB eats.

    Heh, the "find" is actually a typo, but yes, I guess it works that way too!

  8. haha I am using Find Dining in my blog header. Thanks for the inspiration ;D


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