Monday, October 10, 2011

Old but Charming in Hong Kong

One of my favourite old buildings in Hong Kong
Call me traditional, but I feel Hong Kong's charm lies in its old buildings more than its dazzling modernity. I never tire of gazing at the gritty, well-worn facades that must have seen so much history. This is one of my favourite buildings on Nathan Road. I don't know why but I just like it.

Wonder what goes on in old buildings...
Many of these look a bit seedy and run-down.

Some really old buildings around mid-Levels
In my previous trip, we saw some really old buildings near Mid-Levels on Hong Kong island.

Old mailboxes, with Chinese motifs
Even mailboxes there bore old school Chinese motifs.

On Wing Lee Street near mid-Levels
Wing Lee Street, in particular, held lots of gems from the 1960s. It's the shooting location for the award-winning film, Echoes of the Rainbow. The government actually overturned a redevelopment plan to conserve these buildings instead.

No.10 Wing Lee Street, Hong Kong.
So haunting and evocative.

In the middle of busy Hong Kong island
Sadly, most old buildings are making way for new ones. But there are plenty more to look and marvel at.

Bride and groom coming down old stone steps in Hong Kong island
Nostalgic areas make great backdrops. Here's a bride and groom coming down old stone steps on Hong Kong island (I forget which street exactly, but also near Central/Wellington Street).

If you like old buildings too, you might want to follow furkidsinhk on Instagram who lovingly details lots of these in Hong Kong, and the stories behind them.



  1. haha agree! though the first time i saw HK, i feel bluffed by TVB.. hehe

  2. I love HK. The old facades represent the history in no way the modern skyscrapers can. The photo with the couple seems to be taken near Lan Kwai Fong.

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos...really do bring back memories :)

  4. Think is Pottinger St

  5. Been in HK just once, but I left my heart there. Thank you Catherine for the memories! (Anna)

  6. Exactly the reason why I love Hong Kong :) Can't wait to be back again for food for shopping for the above! Also another reason why I love Goods of Desire, which managed to capture the essence of Hong Kong's culture so well in their products and marketing!


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