Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Cake Giveaway for Children's Day

Haagen Dazs Perfect Gift S$80 (1kg) Ice Cream Cake
What do kids love? Ice cream, cake, chocolate...yum, yum, yum. How about all that in one package? Awesome, right?

Haagen-Dazs is giving me an ice cream cake, the 1kg Perfect Gift worth S$80. I have decided to give it out as a special Children's Day gift!

Just leave me a comment here, and/or on Facebook (double your chance) on which kid in your life would love that ice cream cake.

You can leave an email address along with your comment, so I can contact you easily if you win. If you prefer not to publicly post your email address, you can email me privately to let me know which comment you posted.

I will pick a winner at noon, on Friday, 7 October 2011 and announce it both here and on the Camemberu Facebook page. Haagen-Dazs will send the cake to the address of the winner, so please be on standby to give me your mailing address when I contact you (usually immediately after I post the results).

Happy Children's Day in advance!

RESULTS UPDATE: Since it's Children's Day, I had my kids do the lucky draw from names written on paper and shuffled in a toy bucket. The winner is Joanna Lim, who commented on Facebook. Congratulations!

Jolie did a Lucky Draw

Cake photo courtesy of Haagen-Dazs


  1. My son would absolutely love the cake. In fact he asked me for an ice cream cake for his coming birthday which is next week. He has not celebrated his birthday for the last 5 years due to school exams. BUT this year he can celebrate it as his exams (PSLE) is over today!! But I am still considering the ice-cream cake for him as it is quite expensive. So it would be a treat if I could win it!!!

  2. I've a mentally and both physically disabled brother. He always wanted a ice cream chocolate cake on his birthday. Due to financial constraint, as my dad is only the breadwinner in our family and his pay can't afford us to have sucha taste buds luxury. Thus, never do I dare to request that from him. Although, my bro birthday is over but I believe he'll be indeed happy if he can even have a slice of it...

  3. I would like to dedicate this ice cream cake to the big kid in my life - my husband ..

    Shouldering tonnes of roles and responsibilities on his shoulders .. being a son to his parents, a brother to his sister, a daddy to our three kids, a friend, soul mate and a husband to me ..

    It has been ages since I last really saw him laugh like a care-free child and I do hope that I can awaken the inner boy inside him and bring back the child like innocence laugh once again ..

  4. All my kids love ice cream, the kiddoes and the big kid. Their ultimate reward after finishing their meal is ice cream.

  5. My nephew would love that Haagen-Dasz cake. He loves chocolate, and he loves ice-cream, and his eyes will pop out if he sees a 1kg chocolate ice-cream cake.

  6. I would like to give this Haagen-Dazs ice cream cake to my sister and mother (she is always young).

    Both of them is a big fan of chocolate & ice cream.

  7. I think I would like to give and dedicate the ice-cream cake to all the children in the preschool that I work in. I believe it will be to their delight if they are able to get a cake for Children's Day.

    Name: Valentine Low

  8. Name: lynn

    I'm the anonymous ps. I forgotten to leave down my details.

  9. I would use this cake for my daughter's 1st birthday! She has never had ice cream before, but if she is anything like her mama, she's going to love it!

    Mandinav (at) aol (dot) com


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