Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No iPhone 5 but 4S still awesome upgrade

We were all waiting for the iPhone 5. But what Tim Cook announced in his debut presentation yesterday was only an upgrade - the iPhone 4S.

I know many feel it's a disappointment, but the iPhone 4S is still pretty solid.

Dual-core processor, better camera (optical improvements plus 8 Megapixels and f/2.4 aperture), 1080p (30fps) HD video recording with stabilizer, 200 new improvements, iOS5, iCloud, and Siri, your digital personal assistant who actually might understand complex voice commands.

Lester Chan summed it up well in a Twitter reply to me, "If you are on 3GS, it is a good time to upgrade, if you are on 4 & have some spare cash, or a fanboi, upgrade!"

Singapore will get iPhone 4S on Friday, 28th October 2011.

Meanwhile let's continue to speculate on what iPhone 5 is gonna be like.


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