Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cuisine Cuisine and Vibes at The Mira

Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira

On our final day in Hong Kong, we got to check out two places at The Mira, the hotel where the Singapore Blog Award 2010 winners stayed at (and loved!) last year. I love the Mira for its spacious rooms, designer cool and modern fittings.

Various dim sum at Cuisine Cuisine
Lunch was dim sum at two-Michelin starred Cuisine Cuisine on the 4th floor. We were very grateful for the company of Connie Kwok, the Communications Manager of Miramar Hotel & Investments Ltd, who hosted us. She was also the one who introduced to us The French Window, where we had one of the most memorable meals ever.

The prettiest carrot cake ever
Cuisine Cuisine presents Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary edge. This is the prettiest carrot cake I have ever seen.

An injection of flavour
There are some fun touches to the dim sum. Here some dumplings get an injection of flavour. It's a novel way to eat your dim sum without worrying about messy dips.

Healthy and clean-tasting vegetables
A healthy and clean-tasting dish of greens in superior stock.

A fruity dessert wrapped in glutinous rice skin and shredded coconut
They have also an interesting sweet dim sum of diced fruit and custard wrapped in glutinous rice skin and shredded coconut. It almost tastes like a Nyonya or Peranakan kueh, but in a more delicate way.

After lunch, Connie showed us Vibes, an outdoor garden concept lounge on the 5th floor.

Lotus-shaped open fires and running waterways provide contrasting elements of nature
It's so stylish and lush! I love the brushed steel lotus-shaped firepods, flowing waterways and bamboo groves. It feels like a sanctuary for the soul.

Private cabanas flanked by bamboo groves
What a lovely place to chill with friends, surrounded by natural greenery. How nice to unwind here with creative cocktails and light tapas bites. I want a garden like this!

Sunday brunch at WHISK stretches outdoors at Vibes
WHISK (the modern French joint headed by chef Justin Quek) is also on the same floor. The Sunday brunch at WHISK extends outdoors to Vibes. Suckling pig and outdoor BBQ...aaah, I need to come back for this!

Well, I've finally finished all my Hong Kong posts, but this doesn't feel like the end somehow. There is always so much in Hong Kong to explore, and you never feel that any amount of time is enough to take in this dynamic city (and all its glorious food). Like Arnie said, "I'll be back."

I'd like to thank once more the Hong Kong Tourism Board for making this entire trip possible (I really didn't expect to win this as the prize for the Best Hong Kong Travel Blog last year). Big thanks also to Vivien for putting us in touch with Miramar, and to Connie for being such a wonderful host.


  1. All them green pillows make me wanna book an island getaway right now! :)

    And that's carrot cake? So posh!

  2. What is the buffet pricing for Sunday Brunch at Whisk?


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