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Sushi Tei 15th Anniversary Charity Menu

Sushi Tei has moved to bigger premises at Paragon
Sushi Tei turns 15 this September! It's been in Singapore a long time, so it's giving back in a big way. A special anniversary menu of five items has been introduced for September, and ALL (yes, all!) of the nett sales proceeds from this menu will be donated to its two adopted charities (Children's Cancer Foundation and Home Nursing Foundation). They're aiming to raise S$150,000 in the month of September. I think it's a great idea. Feast and do something for charity!

Three of the charity menu items are specially created (Beauty Roll, Tutti-Frutti Roll, and Crunchy Tuna), and two are existing popular dishes (Sashimi Salad and Soft Shell Crab).

Beauty Roll S$14 - avocado, crabmeat, and the transparent jelly-like strip is collagen!
Beauty Roll S$14 - avocado, crabmeat, and... *drum roll*... collagen! The transparent jelly-like strip is apparently pure collagen! I have never seen edible collagen before, so this was intriguing. There is no flavour, and the texture is like konnyaku. But the whole roll is very refreshing. Plus, you are contributing to charity when you eat this, so you can be beautiful inside and out!

Tutti Frutti Roll S$12 - mango, honeydew, cucumber, strawberry and avocado
Tutti Frutti Roll S$12 - mango, honeydew, cucumber, strawberry and avocado. A totally fruit-based sushi roll (apart from the decorative tobiko on top). I had my doubts, but this actually tasted pretty good.

Crunchy Tuna S$9
Crunchy Tuna S$9 - deep fried minced tuna roll with chopped garlic topped with flying fish roe and spring onion, served with chili mayonnaise sauce. Many people liked this. I did not take to it immediately, because cooked tuna is often a bit dry. But I guess that's what the chili mayo is for.

Sashimi salad S$9
Sashimi salad S$9 - certainly a healthy way to enjoy your sashimi.

Soft shell crab S$10
Soft shell crab S$10 - I don't think I need to explain why this is popular!

Also on-going is Sushi Tei's Fusion Fiesta promotion (until end Sept). They've included Western elements like pasta, tortillas and cheese into Japanese dishes for a twist.

Hiyashi salmon and ikura goma pasta S$14
Hiyashi salmon and ikura goma pasta S$14 - I guess this is salmon oyako "parent-and-child" with the salmon and salmon roe, in a lovely cold sesame dressing. The noodle used is pasta instead of ramen, and it works. The pasta has good bite to it too!

Ikasoma pasta - squid ink pasta S$12
Ikasoma pasta - squid ink pasta S$12. Slightly on the salty side, but I found myself enjoying this a lot. The squid is cooked til tender, and not rubbery. The garlic flakes were a big plus.

Pari Pari Ebi and Cheese Roll S$8
Pari Pari Ebi and Cheese Roll S$8 - drizzled with cod roe mayo. The mentaiko flavour is quite strong. The prawns were fresh, but I think on the whole, this was a little too greasy for my liking.

Unagi kabayaki tortilla S$6.50
Unagi kabayaki tortilla S$6.50 - this seems to be a riceless maki. But even so, the tortilla skin proved too floury and masked the flavours of the fatty unagi.

Shiretoko (6 kinds, S$68) sashimi - tuna belly, yellow tail, sea bream, sea urchin, salmon, swordfish
Shiretoko (6 kinds, S$68) sashimi - tuna belly, yellow tail, sea bream, sea urchin, salmon, swordfish. The otoro (far back) is the creamiest white otoro I've seen in Singapore. The more modest Tokachi (4 kinds, $28) option gives you otoro as well, with salmon, tuna and mekajiki.

Salt ice cream! S$3.20
Salt ice cream S$3.20 - now this was beautiful. Salty milk on your tongue may not sound like an appetising description, but you just have to try it to know what I mean.

Nanko Ume Sorbet S$3.20
Nanko ume sorbet S$3.20 - I had expected this to taste better. While it was pleasant, it didn't elicit any wow from me.

Wasabi ice cream S$3.20
Wasabi ice cream S$3.20 - I can imagine people cringing at this, but it's worth a try. I don't know how they make it - it's like wasabi, but without the sting. Sweetly milky wasabi. How odd but palatable. All these ice creams are imported from Japan.

Ice balls - so cute!
These ice balls were really cute. They're like compressed balls of fruit ice. Mango, honeydew, grape and strawberry flavours, I think.

Dorayaki ice cream
This dorayaki ice cream thing surprised me - it was very addictive. I know, you can probably get this in a supermarket too, but the one they serve is rather nice.

Sushi Tei at Paragon
Photo courtey of Sushi Tei (I don't have a wide angle lens!)
Sushi Tei is really expanding! They are now targeting out of town locations. This year they opened a duplex outlet at Tampines 1 and will see another branch at City Square Mall next month. The Paragon restaurant (see first and last photo) has moved to bigger premises, and so will the Holland Village one.

I'm also amazed that the Sushi Tei membership card program has swelled to over 22,000 members! It was only launched in Feb 2008, one and a half years ago. Main benefits are discounts, vouchers and promotions.

Anyway, I like this charity effort, and the charities seem thoughtfully chosen as they cover both kids and the elderly. So this is a good chance to do a good deed via your stomach and your heart! Many thanks to Red Dawn PR and Sushi Tei for the information and invitation. Alternate takes on the food from fellow bloggers/media Beatrice Tan, HungryCow and Lester Chan and Youth.SG.

Outlets in China Square Central, Holland Village, Ngee Ann City, Paragon, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Serangoon Gardens, Vivocity, Thomson Plaza, Playground@Big Splash, West Coast Plaza, Tampines 1 and soon, City Square Mall (click on the link to see addresses, contact numbers and operating hours)


  1. Ooh!! Yum.. I think you've just reminded me that its time for another visit.. I love the sashimi salad!

  2. Wha DSLR really takes great photos as compared to a P&S Camera

  3. woah...sushi rolls with collagen! i'll be there soon!

  4. Manda: Yes, the menu starts today! Can go and eat already!

    Gamerz: true but P&S can also take really good photos. The handy size is unbeatable.

    Adel: me too!

  5. Sushi Tei is definitely one of my favourite hangouts because the food is good. been there many times without my camera cos i wanna just eat..haha! collagen and black ink, here i come!


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