Monday, August 10, 2009

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar (Playground @ Big Splash)

Yoshimaru at Playground @ Big Splash
I was quite happy to see that Yoshimaru had set up a branch in the East (Playground @ Big Splash). I'd been hankering to try this chain of Hakata-style ramen since it arrived but their Holland Village branch is just a bit too far for me.

Moridakusen Ramen (All-in)
The Moridakusen Ramen (S$15) with ALL toppings is best for
a) people who want everything
b) people who can't decide what topping they want (if you do, you can opt for the DIY Ramen, where you can customise the exact combination of toppings desired)

It is not bad indeed. Rich and intense pork bone broth. Decent char siew. Lots of my favourite kikurage (black wood ear fungus). Still can't beat Kyushu Jyangara Ramen though. When is anyone going to bring that here!?!?

Spicy cold ramen
Also tried the Spicy Cold Ramen (S$12) which is like a cold tan-tan noodle, but the tonkotsu Moridakusen was still by far the star.

Gyoza (Prawn)
Gyoza comes with either chicken (S$6) or prawn filling (S$6.80). We had the latter, but the minced prawns inside tasted a little bland. Maybe the chicken one is better.

Many condiments to go with your ramen and gyoza
Lots of condiments to go with your ramen and gyoza. Yes, you are given the sesame seeds to grind in the wooden mortar and pestle.

Shabu Shabu Beef Salad
The Shabu Shabu Beef Salad (S$6.80) is doused with a strong ponzu-sesame dressing. Some may like it, others may not. My dining companion thought it didn't work.

So anyway, even though the side dishes are not highlights, I'm glad we have another ramen joint in the East. At least they do their signature tonkotsu ramen well. I just hope they will have enough customers at the Big Splash venue for long term survival. The place has already seen casualties - Yoshimaru itself taking over one of them (can't remember what it used to be...Mingles Brasserie?).

902 East Coast Parkway
Block B #01-12
Playground @ Big Splash
Tel: 6463 3132
Open daily
Sun-Thu: 11am to 11pm
Fri, Sat & PH: 11am to 1am


  1. yay, you finally did yoshimaru! :)

    the tonkotsu broth, though not the best, is one of the better ones around! check out the kecik-kecik burgers as well, next round! :D

  2. BBO: yes, presentation is good.

    Nic: yes, finally! :P Agree the broth is like, still missing something. Just a bit short of wow. Haha ok mini-burgers next!

  3. yay! you finally tried. agree with you and nic, the broth is definitely lacking something. Santouka FTW!!

  4. I find this ramen better than ajisen


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