Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest 2009

Four of the 12 special flavours just for Chunk Fest
Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest is coming again! Mark your calendars for 12 Sept 2009. The hippie-themed ice cream festival will be held 2-10pm at Marina Barrage with lots of festive fun and games to help you spend that sugar high. On top of that, seven local bands will be performing their original compositions live at Chunk Fest.

As a special treat, Ben & Jerry are bringing in 12 new flavours that will only be available at Chunk Fest. Here's four of them shown above. From left to right, they are:

  • Orange & Cream (the orange scoop) – Orange sorbet swirled with Vanilla ice cream. This is insanely refreshing, even for someone who doesn't like fruit-based ice creams.
  • Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road (the dark brown one) – Chocolate Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Brickle Candy Pieces, & White Chocolatey Chunks. This flavor was specially created in honor of Sir Elton John and features all his favourite ingredients. Part of the proceeds will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.
  • Triple Caramel Chunk (beige scoop in the back) – Caramel Ice Cream with Swirls of Caramel & Fudge-Covered Caramel Chunks. Incredibly chewy and fudgy - a must for caramel fans!
  • Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (beige one on far right) – Sweet Cream Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chunks of Oatmeal Cookies & Fudge. It really tastes like oatmeal cookies, with a strong taste of cinnamon.

Chunk Fest is on 12 Sept at Marina Barrage

What are the other special flavours?

  • Butter Pecan – Rich Buttery Ice Cream with Roasted Pecans
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ Frozen Yoghurt – Chocolate Low Fat Frozen Yoghurt with Fudge Brownies
  • Vanilla HEATH® Bar Crunch – Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunks of HEATH® Bar Crunch
  • Berry Berry Extraordinary – Swirls of Blueberry Fruit Sorbet and Raspberry Fruit Sorbet
  • Vanilla Chocolate Chunk – Vanilla Ice Cream with Pure Dark Chocolatey Chunks
  • Coffee – Coffee ice cream (made with Fair Trade Certified™ coffee)
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl – Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with a Thick Peanut Butter Swirl
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Dough – Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Gobs of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough & Fudge Chips
On top of that, there are 22 regular ice cream flavours (click here for the press release with all the flavours). I tried the chocolate macadamia and strawberry cheesecake. Both tremendously excellent!

My gosh, that makes a total of 34 different ice cream flavours! Oh my, which one to choose? Gotta try them all! Actually, I miss the Dilbert one called Totally Nuts! Wish they'd bring that back.

There are performances by local bands who'll be recorded on a special album

Yes, I mentioned performances by local bands - talent handpicked from special auditions requiring ORIGINAL compositions (now that's tough). Local music veterans Jack & Rai will be producing an album called Chunk Tunes featuring these bands - they were so impressed with the quality of the contestants that they increased the number of bands from the original five to seven.

I'm most pleased to say hubby's band is one of those! No, I'm not going to tell you which one, because he's joking about them turning up in some outrageous costumes. If they really do that, I'm going to stand far, faaar away. Hahaha!

Jack and Rai performed at the Chunk Fest ice cream media preview, along with one of the local talent (they were all very good!). Hubby asked to see my photos, and went, "What? You only took photos of ice cream? No photos of musicians!?" Oops. Well, I guess that's why I have a food blog and not seven bass guitars. Ahem. But actually, I had been enjoying the music and ice cream combination so much, I totally forgot about photos. Who wants to fiddle with apertures when the music is grooving?

Come in retro gear!

Chunk Fest promises to be a huge party. Last year the event saw more than 8,500 people! Come dressed in hippie or 70's retro style and jump straight into the priority queue!

There are lots of retro games planned with Ben & Jerry premiums and vouchers up for grabs. Get yourself and friends in a tangled mess in the Giant Twister. Name five flavours correctly in the "Guess What?" blindfolded taste test and win a goodie bag. Spot the difference in posters and win vouchers. And the Vermonster Challenge (see crazy people wolf down 20 scoops of ice cream in record time!).

Entry to Chunk Fest is free. Each scoop of ice cream is priced at S$4.50.

Buses will be provided from Marina Bay MRT station to Marina Barrage, starting from 1.30pm to 11pm.

Bring your friends and family to enjoy a whole day of Peace, Love and Ice Cream!

For more information, visit Ben & Jerry's website. Thanks to Moe Moe, Nissa, Geok San from Bates141 for the invitation, and Benjamin and Joelle of Ben & Jerry's for having us!



  1. 'slurp' Too bad I can't ask you to bring some back on yr next trip to BP. I also love ice-cream !! AND I DIDN'T KNOW YR HUBBY IS IN A BAND. What instrument he's playing or he's the singer? :D

  2. LIC: match made in heaven indeed!

    LilTeochew: Haha, not quite YET!

    Mun: I can bring back some Ben & Jerry regular flavours. Hubby plays bass guitar. I think he sings better than the lead but I could be biased. :)

  3. Will there be a chunk fest tis year? The chunk fest isit give out free ice cream? :D

  4. In fact, there's a chunk fest again this year! the ice-cream isn't free. too bad right! :( but it's worth having to taste the 12 special flavours only in chunk fest i think.
    link to the location
    hope it helps :)

  5. Oh yeah i heard that if you visit that link, you will get like free moolahs if you click like and comment there... LOL currently im the mayor of their foursquare page.

    Maybe cos no one has checked in there yet!!! Chunk fest should be goood though!!! cant wait!!

    Camemberu, are you going this yr?


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