Thursday, August 20, 2009

Club Islander at Sentosa

Great day at the beach!
Can you smell the weekend? Brunch by the sea.... warm sunshine dancing on your cheeks.... soft sand kissing your toes... cool waters... suntan lotion. Most of all, good company and a good book (or perhaps a kayak for the more actively inclined). This is the life!

We brought the whole family to the beach at Sentosa recently, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It's been years since I last set foot on Sentosa island. It's really changed. I like the upgrades and new additions there (many more to come in 2010 - the Universal Studios rollercoaster looks awesome already!).

Club Islander is a beach bar
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to the indulgent brunch by the sea. Club Islander, the beach bar at Palawan Beach, recently introduced their a la carte weekend brunch (roughly between 10am and 2pm).

The beach bar itself is casual, unpretentious and simple. You can chill out with drinks, sitting at the many lounge chairs shaded by bright orange beach umbrellas. Or enjoy the view from the sheltered boardwalk with chairs and tables.

Eggs Benedict on Toasted English Muffin, with chicken patty and Hollandaise sauce
You have quite a few choices from the brunch menu (in pdf format here). Honestly, this is one of the very few times when the actual food served looks better than what's pictured on the menu!

Eggs Benedict on Toasted English Muffin (S$12.50++), topped with Hollandaise sauce. The soft runny eggs are comforting - I am beginning to understand why people love this dish, though I normally dislike runny eggs. The chicken patty under the eggs may not be the ideal accompaniment, but I guess they refrain from using ham or pork products here.

Beef Steak Open Sandwich
Beef Steak Open Sandwich (S$19.50++) which hubby really enjoyed. I have to say their presentation is very good. Notice the little side salad that comes with every dish? It's got truffle oil in it! How's that for a little touch of luxe?

Club Islander Brunch Platter - waffles, scrambled egg, chicken sausages, mushroom and chicken patty
Club Islander Brunch Platter (S$19.50++) - the big breakfast. You get waffles, scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, panfried mushrooms, a chicken patty, and yes, the side salad.

You may have noticed by now that the prices seem to be a little on the high side. But these dishes are all freshly prepared a la minute, and not slapped together from pre-prepared warmers. I also met Chef Kenny Yeo who is behind these menus. He trained overseas before joining Sentosa's F&B operations.

Them waffles - CRISPY!
I have to show you the waffles again. They're done just the way I like them: really caramelised and crispy! Pour on some honey and slather on some butter, and you have a most yummy dessert! There's an option separately for a full waffle (S$6.50++ with unsalted butter and honey; $8.50++ with ice cream).

Chicky Muffin Meal - chicken patty on toasted english muffin, watermelon, orange juice
Kids are not forgotten at Club Islander. The beach draws a lot of families, so you'll find kids' meals here. The Chicky Muffin Meal (S$6.90++) gets you a chicken patty on toasted english muffin, watermelon slices, and a cup of orange juice.

Wacky Waffles Meal - waffles with honey and butter, watermelon, orange juice
The Wacky Waffles Meal (S$6.90++) lets kids enjoy waffles with honey and butter, watermelon slices, and orange juice. Jolie happily drank both cups of juice since Nadine does not like sweet stuff.

They have BBQ too!
Club Islander has beachside BBQ dinners too, from time to time!

The kids absolutely loved the water feature next to Club Islander
The kids absolutely loved the freshwater fountain feature next to Club Islander. We could not get them to leave! Nadine and Jolie also got their first taste of being in the sea. The salty water was an eye-opening experience for them!

Jolie going "wheee!"
With so much to look forward to, we'll be coming back regularly for more. I'm seriously considering the Islander membership which gives you free entry, bus/train rides, retail and F&B discounts, special promotions and events year-round.

Thanks to Sentosa Leisure Group for the invite, and to Eudora for hosting us! Check out Sparklette's post too, on the same brunch.

72 Palawan Beach Walk
Singapore 099344
Tel: 6279 3267


  1. The Eggs Benedict on Toasted English Muffin looks superb especially up-close. I used not to like runny eggs either, but I have learned to appreciate its, shall we say, finer points? :)

    This is what I call an island getaway --- with LOTSA brunchy sizzly fare! :D

  2. Oh finally someone who also did not like runny eggs! I mostly seem to be surrounded by ppl who love them. But yes, I'm slowly coming round to it too.

    Yeah, island getaway, but can't beat the beaches in Malaysia! :)

  3. very nice, i love brunch, and yes I'm one of those who love runny egg ben! whoa, there's patty between the eggs and the muffins? first time seeing chicken instead of ham or salmon

  4. Beautiful pics, great post .. as always. Your girls are ADORABLE!

  5. Hey! Your post makes me happy :) Looking at your pictures reminds me of the memorable brunch session by the beach. Even as I am stuck at home right now in front of my laptop, I feel slightly sunnier :)

    Looks like we had same food, but I missed out on the beef steak sandwich and the kids' menu as we didn't have any kids! Agree with you that the plating is gorgeous.

    Your daughters are so pretty! That's my first thought when I saw the elder tucking into some watermelon (healthy healthy too).

  6. LIC: this is one of the few Eggs Ben that I like, despite the chicken patty. Come and try someday!

    LilTeochew: thanks! :)

    Veron: Haha that's how your post made me feel too. The beach is really nice. Next time, I'm going to try the toast box with prawn bolognese that you raved about! Haaa thanks...that's Nadine stabbing the watermelon. Most times she just plays with food. Wish she'd eat like Jolie does!


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