Saturday, November 11, 2017

SnackFirst! Nuts, Seeds, Crackers, Cookies, Chips and Biscuits with Free Delivery

I got a pack of chips, nuts and biscuits from to try. They are a new site dedicated to offering (slightly more healthful) snack options with free delivery. The site was started by Jes who during her pregnancy couldn't find healthy snacks in good variety at our retail stores.

SnackFirst does offer dried fruit and seeds, granola, quinoa, flax and chia seeds. But I am betting the more popular items will be the more "sinful" choices.

Here are some of the items we tried; I'm showing you the covers so you can see the ingredients listed as well:

SnackFirst goodies
Oishi Japanese Nuts 日本豆混合 200g/1kg 
S$13.90 - S$39.00
These are like the ones you see in the Japanese goods aisle but these are halal-certified! Taste-wise, they seem less salty than the commercial variety. In fact, all their snacks seem less salty than normal ones.

SnackFirst goodies
Satay Sunkissed Cashew 沙爹腰豆 200g/1kg 
S$12.90 - S$35.00
OMG...why did no one think of this earlier? The garlicky satay coating often used for broad beans is magical on cashew nuts! The crunch is incredible and this is highly addictive.

SnackFirst goodies
BBQ Brown eyes Almonds 烧烤味杏仁 200g/1kg
S$13.90 - S$37.00
I love BBQ smoked nuts but these are not as strong-flavoured or savoury as the ones I normally get.

For people who like traditional snacks, they have cookies, old school biscuits, keropok and crackers.

SnackFirst goodies
Curry Tapioca Chips 咖哩木薯片 150g 
These have a rather homemade quality to them. The thickness of the slices vary but they are all super crunchy and evenly dusted with a savoury curry powder. They are not terribly spicy, so even kids can take them.

SnackFirst goodies
There were also little samples. I love the Rose Bandung Wafers 玫瑰味薄饼
S$6.90 - S$42.00 (now on sale for S$5.90 - S$42.00); they smell so good and are so delicate!

The Fragrant Durian Biscuits 榴莲饼 180g/5kg (S$6.90 - S$50.00) didn't impress as much because the flavours seemed too artificial. People who don't like durian might actually take to this.

The Juicy Apricot 杏脯肉干 200g/1kg (S$7.90 - S$21.00) from Turkey are some of the softest I've tried. Sometimes you find dried apricots that are too dry and eating them can be a bit of a chewy chore. These were perfect.

On the whole, SnackFirst items do seem to taste a little more healthy (less salty) and the site carries an interesting variety of flavours for nuts and mixes. I find the pricing is a little on the high side compared to local suppliers and shops, but you do have delivery is built in.

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Offer valid until end November 2017.

Many thanks to Jes for sending me the snacks to try.

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