Tuesday, November 7, 2017

11.11 Singles Day and Black Friday: Shop Smart!

Who's waiting for the mega 11.11 Sale of the Year or Black Friday sales?

Well, people have taken to online shopping so much that physical retail stores are languishing. This is true in the United States as much as it is right here in Singapore. In fact, more folks are going holiday shopping online away from stores. Who can blame them? Every year we see and hear about crazy hordes stampeding at the malls, fighting each other for discounted goods. It's ugly.

For me, mall shopping in general has become a tedious activity. I don't like dealing with salespeople. I feel decision fatigue at having too many things to look at or too few options that make me feel I have to compromise. That's why online shopping is so much better. I can search and zero in on what I need. There's a huge variety (the whole world is your mall) and I can shop in comfort and privacy at all hours.

I'm also all for buying less but buying better. Most of us have too much junk in our homes. I am preferring to minimalise my possessions so that I can focus on what's truly important and brings joy. I haven't bought any clothes or shoes or gadgets or books (ok, e-books, yes, but they aren't physical) in the past year.

But if there is a time for me to get what I need, 11.11 or Black Friday is possibly the best time to look with sites like ShopBack participating in the 11 11 Sale and the Black Friday Sales. All the merchants get incredibly competitive and the discounts are worth a look.

The only temptation is getting impulse purchases of stuff you don't need, because everything is going to look so alluring at those prices. It's good to create a wishlist and put items in the cart well before the sale day arrives, and then 48 hours later see if you remember what you really wanted in the cart, and only buy those, and not the items you forgot you had.

One thing I did buy in anticipation of 11.11 Singles Day? BABA stocks. Jack Ma is a genius.


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