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Triple Three's Mini Miyazaki Buffet at Mandarin Orchard (22 - 31 Aug)

Slow-roasted Miyazaki wagyu

Oh slow-roasted Miyazaki Wagyu Beef so gloriously rich...

Miyazaki Prefecture yields some of Kyushu's most beautiful scenery,
greenery and amazing agricultural produce. It is particularly well-known for its wagyu.

Yes, I was in Miyazaki itself in April during my crazy round-island Kyushu trip which hopefully I will get to write about some time. This waterfall is at Takachiho Gorge, which is so beautiful it will even look like this on your iPhone. Photo off my Instagram.

So imagine my interest when Mandarin Orchard sent out word about a Mini Miyazaki fest at Triple Three. Dishes featuring premium grade A4 wagyu beef!

Breaking of sake barrel ceremony
At the opening night - we got to meet representatives from Miyazaki, who also did the sake barrel opening ceremony. Kampai!

There are many stations offering different ways of enjoying wagyu - from shabu-shabu to steak. Here's a quick look at what's good.

Our favourite was the teppanyaki station.

Miyazaki Wagyu prime cut sirloin and ribeye
This is where Miyazaki Wagyu prime cut sirloin and ribeye gets transformed...

Miyazaki Wagyu Teppanyaki so divine!
Into perfectly seared and caramelised bites of divine joy. Wagyu is really best enjoyed this way.

Shabu-shabu with Miyazaki A4 wagyu
The shabu-shabu is also a lovely way to savour the thinly sliced wagyu beef. Cooked lightly with a few swishes in hot water, and served either with ponzu or sesame dressing.

Aburi wagyu sushi (Miyazaki A4 grade)
Aburi wagyu sushi - torched ever so lightly on top (I would have preferred a bit more char and a gentle sprinkle of sea salt, but that's just me)

But wagyu beef isn't the only thing they've brought in from Miyazaki.

There's Miyazaki kampachi (centre, and bottom left) and hamo (conger eel, top) which gets blanched into fluffy white pieces. These have been expertly sliced to ensure the fine bones are decimated for easy eating.

Lobster mentaiko, tempura and chicken nanban (upper left dish)
Lobster mentaiko, tempura and chicken nanban (upper left dish) make up some of the other non-wagyu choices.

Pasta with Urbani Summer Truffles
I know most people will skip pasta at a buffet, but the pasta station here is worth a go.

Pasta with Urbani Summer Truffles - I asked for al dente, and they cooked a new batch of spaghetti just for me (instead of using the half-prepared pasta).

Spinach tortellini with sausage
Spinach tortellini with sausage - LeRoy's plate. Not bad, I took a second bite! Yes, share your pasta. You won't be so full!

Grilled Miso Cod with Truffles
Grilled Miso Cod with Truffles.

Oysters, all for Justin's mom. For the first time, I see the usual cold seafood on ice largely ignored. There's also lots of cold dishes and desserts. If you still have room.

What's wrong with this plate?
I love plating stuff with colour. But LeRoy made a very good point - "Hey, what's lamb doing here? Ham? What broccoli, mushrooms, potato? There should be only space for wagyu!" But jokes aside, it's nice that the buffet has a lot of wagyu options but also interesting non-beef items.

The Mini Miyazaki is available from 22 to 31 August, for dinner and Sunday brunch. For the quality of the wagyu, this is a steal at just $98++ per person!

Mandarin Orchard
333 Orchard Road
Singapore 238867

For reservations, please call +65 6831 6288
or email

Photos taken using the Canon 6D (loaned by Canon) without flash.

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