Monday, August 19, 2013

Get DBS Indulge App 1-for-1 Mobile Coupon for Cedele's All-Day Breakfasts; Plus Win A Trip to Bangkok!

What's better than a gorgeous breakfast?

TWO gorgeous breakfasts, shared with a friend or loved one! For the price of one!

With a chance to end up holidaying in Bangkok!!

And you can get return vouchers with purchases over S$60!!!

That sounds like a triple bonanza. Mai tu liao!
This DBS Indulge promotion is too good not to share!

Here's how it works:

1. Make sure you have a DBS/POSB credit card (if you do, you will know the dining privileges are already some of the better ones in town, and the DBS Supperclubs alone are rocking awesome). Or find someone who does.

2. Check your DBS Indulge mobile app on your iPhone. Or find someone who has it!

See "Coupons" tab? Click it. It will bring you to a wonderland of discounts! You will see Cedele listed pretty much in the first few eateries. Click that and you will see this screen next.

When you are at the Cedele store (the app also helps you locate the nearest one too; totally nifty!), click to redeem the coupon, and redeem the 1-for-1 breakfasts (excluding the Big Breakfast set which comes with a drink). The promotion is valid at their all-day or semi-dining Cedele outlets (check locations at the link) from 11 Aug to 31 Oct 2013, or until all coupons are redeemed.

The breakfast items vary according to outlet, but might include Rosti (with eggs, bacon, tomato and mushrooms), Eggs Benedict with Toast (above, only available at the Paragon outlet).

I see lots of pancakes on their all day breakfast menu if you prefer a sweet start to the day. Here are the Wild Blueberry Pancakes with maple syrup and choice of bacon or sausages.

Now for the Bangkok holiday contest:

On the main DBS Indulge app screen, you will also see on the upper right a big button that says "WIN a Holiday Trip to Bangkok".

Click that for details on the prize and contest mechanics.

It's a 3D2N Bangkok holiday sponsored by CTC Travel.
Here are the specifics if you are entering the contest via dining at Cedele.

Essentially three easy steps:
1. SNAP a picture of your favourite dish from Cedele.
2. Post it on Facebook with restaurant name, location and caption "Fly me to Bangkok. Thank you DBS Indulge"
3. At the end of Sept, send a screenshot of the wall post with total number of likes and shares to

Top three entries with most likes and shares will win the prize!

Also, if you spend S$60 using your DBS/POSB credit card at any all-day or semi-dining Cedele outlet (locations at the link), you get a S$5 return voucher. Think of all the yummy goodies you can come back for.

Yeah like the SeaBass and Shrimps with Tomato Salsa and Quinoa. Cedele was one of the first places to introduce quinoa into their dishes in Singapore.

Or the Cedele Grills & Greens Seabass and Shrimp - what a beautiful salad. The Grills & Greens selections are all about high protein and low carb.

Dishes are all prepared a la minute, with emphasis on healthy cooking techniques like grilling, and seasoning with homemade sauces. With the "Eat Well, Be Well" mantra, they take care not to include trans fats, preservatives, chemical emulsifiers and additives in their food. Even the soups are slow-boiled with natural starches like potato for easier digestion. They do taste different.

Cedele has come a long way from just breads and sandwiches (Rosemary Chicken Sandwich above) but I still love their crusty rustic breads. They are baked using old fashioned methods using basic ingredients of flour, water, salt and yeast.

Oh, I have to check out the new Organic Chia Seed Bread (available Tues/Thurs/Sat).

You can also use the S$5 voucher for the new cupcakes (click pics to see bigger versions). Or if you can wait til 21 August, they are also launching an afternoon tea platter.

But I say, hurry for the 1-for-1 breakfasts and the chance to win a trip to Bangkok! The sooner you start, the more likes/shares you can get for the contest. Good luck!

Product photos courtesy of Cedele and The Bakery Depot.

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