Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Julia and I stayed at the Disney's Hollywood Hotel, one of the two available within Hong Kong Disneyland. The Hollywood one is decked out in art deco splendour, with Disney accents throughout.

The rooms are spacious for Hong Kong standards, and are certainly clean and comfy.

There are whimsical details all over the room. From the very obvious big silver engraved plate of a retro Mickey and Minnie Mouse, to tiny details in the furniture and fittings.

If you look closely, you'll see them everywhere.

Bathrooms are more than decent, with regular amenities.

I like the Disney cups which store your toothbrush sets. They cater for a family of three, so you have big, medium and small cup all nested together. Every day you get a fresh set.

Even the soap and toiletries are Disney co-branded with H2O.

So that's the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. This is a cloudy day, but I do think it looks better at night.

Let's go over to the other hotel to have a look. There are shuttle buses connecting the hotels to the park and each other.

Over at the Disneyland Hotel, the theme is a bit more castle-like. The building is low-rise with reddish pink roofs and intricate balconies.

Welcome to the hotel.

The doors open up to a spacious lobby with high ceiling, made even grander by the chandelier from a stained glass dome.

That's a nice grille enclosure for the elevator.

The decor pretty much follows what's at the other Disney resorts worldwide. So I hear. I haven't stayed at any other Disney hotel.

One very interesting shop here is the Bibbidi Bobiddi Boutique, where little ones can transform themselves into the princesses they so often see.

Walk right in to the plush little parlour and you'll feel all pampered even before you start.

The staff will help you with costumes, shimmering make-up, hair styling, finger nail polishing and all the accessories you need.

There is so much to choose from. You'll see more than a few princesses of all ages running around Disneyland.

Take home a souvenir shot too, if you'd like. This is definitely a treat for girls. I'm not sure what boys would do. But not to worry, there are some new developments which will cater for them, in Phase 2. They're building a Marvel theme park! Ironman, Thor, Spiderman...can you imagine?

Both the hotels have gift shops, so you can indulge in all the Disney merchandise you (or your kids) fancy.

Go on. You know you want something.

I'll cover the food and the park itself in separate posts.

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