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Dining at Hong Kong Disneyland - Disney Dim Sum, Character Dining (Breakfast with Mickey and Gang)

There are plenty of dining establishments at the Hong Kong Disneyland Park. But the one most people would look forward to might be the Crystal Lotus restaurant which features the signature Disney dim sum.

It's pretty, it's posh and it's got some of the best food in the park.

A little starter first to whet the appetite: Pomelo nectar and duck breast salad

Now come the dim sum items, which rotate on a daily basis, and they have been quite creative in designing dim sum in the shape of Disney characters. Here's Mickey's seafood glutinous pancake.

Little Green Men (from Toy Story) Pork and Vegetable Bun. These are so cute and adorable.

Little Pig Barbecue Pork Buns (but of course). Look at the amount of work needed to form each piece of dim sum. There have been copycats in the city, but Crystal Lotus still does the best renditions.

Even the Boiled Conpoy and Chicken Soup in Little Coconut has whimsical cartoon details.

Wok-fried King Prawns and Kale Stems in Black Bean Sauce - deliciously crisp prawns with vegetables done just right, in a really savoury sauce.

Wok-fried Tenderloin of Beef Cubes, Mushrooms and Sweet Bell Peppers.

Fried Rice with Conpy and Egg White - this was gentle in flavour, enough to form a carb base for the other savoury dishes.

Dessert is a Double-Boiled Whole Chinese Pear topped with Aged Mandarin Peel.

Crystal Lotus is one of the restaurants located at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

The other highlight of eating at Disneyland that you won't get elsewhere is character dining. Yes, Mickey and the gang might just make an appearance during your meal to thrill kids and adults alike.

Over at the Secret Garden, also at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, you can enjoy breakfast in a tranquil garden-like setting. There are certain time slots during which you'll see the characters.

There you go! Mickey might make your day, if you're a fan.

Pluto is particularly fond of hugs. I have a particularly incriminating photo of him hugging my friend but I have been barred from publishing it. Haha.

Goofy was also there for photos, hugs and cheer. There's an official photographer going around to take photos - to be made into prints, keychains and souvenirs.

 Foodwise, there's plenty to choose from.

 The international buffet includes most essential breakfast options.

Just don't eat the display.

If you look carefully, there are Disney character motifs everywhere.

Even in the pasta display.

These poached eggs look so perfectly round and silky!

I like the little gazebos. They really bring in a garden-like feel to the place.

Meanwhile, over at the other hotel, Disney's Hollywood Hotel, you also get a few dining options.

Breakfast is served at the Chef Mickey restaurant, where he may make an appearance, and even give you his chef's hat, autographed.

The spread here is pretty much similar with the one at Enchanted Garden.

There are live stations, freshly steamed dim sum items, and a whole array of international cuisines.

A little something for everyone, for sure.

Well, here's a little girl helping herself to the Mickey Mouse muffins.

Just DO NOT let the kids see this little enclave.

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Photos of Crystal Lotus restaurant taken with my own Canon 400D; rest of photos are taken by the Canon EOS M that Canon Singapore loaned me.

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