Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Kind of Singaporean Are You?


What Kind of Singaporean Are You?

What a fun quiz! Do you know what kind of Singaporean you are? A "Happy with 5Cs" or "Complain Among Friends" Singaporean? Or are you "Patriotic Only On National Day" like the one above?

This year the Total Defence 2012 theme is "It's My Turn" and this quiz is part of a light-hearted look at ourselves. The site is packed with bright, colourful graphics, and is so easy to navigate. Take a look and you'll see.

The quiz results are parlayed into four infographics - Eat, Speak, Play and Do.

Itsmyturn Infographics
This is where you get to see how others responded. Ya, kepoh kepoh and see!

Of course, the one I am most interested in is "Eat"!

Whoa! 43% will eat anything!

Yes, we love food. Almost obsessively. Sometimes before we finish one meal, we're already planning what to eat for the next! Can you blame us? Our delicious street food is world famous. Our fine-dining has approached a respectable level of sophistication. We love it all - food from so many cultures. And the appreciation is cross-cultural too. It's not uncommon to see Chinese enjoying Indian food, Malays giving their own twist to Chinese dishes, and Indians embracing Muslim food.

Singapore food
We have much to be glad for and proud of, in terms of food. Even a simple plate of hawker food can be a cause for celebration. Where else can you get a variety of tasty food at such affordable prices? It is usually when we travel abroad or are away from Singapore, that we suddenly appreciate, miss and yearn for the food we grew up with, the food we sometimes take for granted.

When friends visit from overseas, we take them with great pride to the best places to eat, and often show them our signature local dishes. Every Caucasian probably gets an introduction to chili crab and durian at some point in time.

Food, especially Singapore food, is so much more than nourishment. It defines us, sustains our national soul and binds us as a society. Ah, let's not talk so much. Let's eat!


  1. wow the website is really quite nicely done, a nice break from the usual Total Defence campaigns.

  2. Yes, XInli, I agree. I like it very much!


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