Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Goodwood Park Hotel's Mahjong Tile Poundcake!

This is just too cute. A cake shaped like a giant mahjong tile with the word "fa" (to strike it rich)! The perfect thing to have while you rustle your mahjong tiles for prosperity in the lunar new year. The Goodwood Park Hotel's Fortune Mandarin Orange Pound Cake (S$72 for 1kg) is available from the Deli 9 Jan to 6 Feb 2012. Call +65 6730 1786 one day in advance to reserve.  Huat ah!!

Photo courtesy of Goodwood Park Hotel


  1. Devil's such a big fan of mahjong that I bet he's gonna love this, haha.

  2. Kenny, buy him one on your next trip here! :D


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