Friday, December 23, 2011

Armani/Prive Rooftop Bar in Central HK

Something with the name Armani in it is bound to be posh. But I was totally blown away by the huge, sprawling rooftop terrace at Armani/Prive. The awesome sense of space, together with skyscraper panoramic views, simply evokes a surreal feel.

Moët Hennessy brought us here for drinks before the wine-pairing dinner at which they unveiled their new iPad app, Flavours Asia. This bar just opened a few months ago in Central Hong Kong, and is one of only four Armani/Prive bars in the world.

There's greenery on one side to help add oxygen to the scene, really
You are flanked by some "hanging gardens" on one side of the wall. These were placed here to help cool the place, and enhance it with oxygen. I also like how the wooden floorboards give it a rather resort-like feel.

I can see why they say it has a Blade Runner like feel to it
The buildings almost seem to be looming above the bar. I can see why they say this place has a Blade Runner-ish edge to it.

Even the birds are talking about it
Even the birds are talking about it!

Armani/Prive is one of the latest bars in Central Hong Kong
Despite the tall buildings, you don't feel hedged in, like in many places in Hong Kong. That's because there's some 5,000 square feet of space for you to chill out in. You're insulated from the frenzy of the city by the chic and relaxing atmosphere of the bar.

We joked that we could almost see the spreadsheets in the offices across
We joked that we could almost see the spreadsheets in those offices.
I wonder if the workers in there ever cast weary looks across at the cocktail sipping guests.

Cocktails, including their signature Wasabi Green Apple Martini
Speaking of cocktails, we tried a few. Their signature is the Wasabi Green Apple Martini (left most, HK$120), which is a concoction of Smirnoff Green Apple, Masenez Green Apple, pineapple juice, lime juice and wasabi paste.

Second from left at the bottom is the Lollipop Caipirinha (HK$125) - Sagatiba Velha, Sagatiba Pura, St Germain, fresh lime juice and sugar. It has a real lollipop (minus the stick) in it.

I'm guessing the bright red one is the Raspberry Mule (HK$95). It uses one whole lime, sugar, raspberry puree, topped up with sparkling water and ginger ale.

Last one is probably the AQUA Gin Martini (HK$135), with London No.1 Gin, Monin Gomme, and fresh lemon juice.

Renkon chips and wasabi peas
Bar snacks to accompany conversation - renkon chips and wasabi peas. We could not get enough of the lotus root chips. The waiters so patiently refilled it every time they passed by.

Armani/Prive instagram photo
My Instagram photo. It's best to come here at sunset. Unwind here until you see the stars come out. With the cold weather right now in Hong Kong, I think it's the best time to enjoy al fresco rooftop bars.

Armani/Prive does have an indoor bar and lounge section downstairs. It was too dark there to take photos though.

Armani Prive
Armani/Prive is at Chater House which encompasses an entire Armani complex. It's right next to Armani/Aqua, and both are collaborations between the Armani Group and the Aqua Restaurant Group.

2/F, Chater House,
8 Connaught Rd. Central,
Central Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3583 2828
Open daily
Mon-Sat noon-3pm, 6-11pm
Sundays noon-7:30pm

Many thanks to Moët Hennessy and Grebstad Hicks Communications for hosting us here.


  1. It certainly doesn't look like the cramped, ol' Hong Kong we normally see. Very classy and spacious. Nice. :)

  2. Woah! I wish they would host me here too! nice one babe.. looks tres tres chi chi!


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