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Merry Christmas! Recipes for 7 Desserts, from Bosch Contest

The winning creation - Chocolate and Raisin My Favourite Tart
Some of you have asked regarding recipes from the Bosch Cook-off Competition. I've managed to get hold of the recipes and permission to publish them, so here they are! Merry Christmas!

But first, let me show you the machine that I believe the winner Fahizal used to make his winning chocolate raisin tart (first photo).

It is a MUM 5 all-in-one kitchen machine. It's got many functions in one compact body - a mixer, blender, shredder and citrus juicer. This is the shredder attached to the main arm. The output goes conveniently into the sturdy stainless steel mixing bowl.

The shredder comes with three different blades - for slicing, coarse grating, and fine grating (cheeses, chocolate, fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc). These are stored conveniently in a pouch that also contains the mixer attachments like the whisk, dough hook and mixer. The whole black pouch can be stored neatly in the mixing bowl when not in use. There's the bright orange citrus juicer too - great when you need lots of juice for a family brunch or party.

Fold the arm down, and you can attach a blender for blending drinks, pureeing fruit and vegetables, making mayonnaise, and even crushing ice cubes.

There are more options you can attach, including meat grinders and different slicing blades (for French fries, rosti, potato dumplings, etc).

As you can see, it's really versatile. I can't wait to make full use of mine when I finally get my oven! Yes, and when my tastebuds resume duty too. I'm sick of being sick, and eating porridge! I miss my homebaked stuff!

But on to the recipes!



The winning creation - Chocolate and Raisin My Favourite Tart

NAME OF DESSERT: Chocolate Raisin My Favourite Tart

Sweet Dough (Tart base)
85 g Butter (Unsalted)
85g Caster Sugar
150g Flour
1 no Egg Yolk

Chocolate Brownie (Filling)
75g Butter (Unsalted)
50g Dark Chocolate
113g Mascavado Sugar
1 no Eggs
1 no Vanilla Bean
25g All Purpose Flour
25g Cocoa Powder
2g Baking Powder
1 Pinch of Sea Salt
60g Golden Raisin

Chocolate Ganache
75g Dark Chocolate
75 g Whipping Cream

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Sweet Dough
1) Grease baking tin (35cm x 11cm x 3cm)
2) Add all ingredients into mixing bowl.
3) Using the stirrer to combine ingredients forming a crumble texture.
4) Using hand, knead into dough.
5) Prepare the tart base by placing the dough onto the tin and pressing it against the
tin to cover the entire tin.
6) Leave it in the freezer for 10 minutes.
7) Take it out from the freezer and bake for 20 min.

Chocolate Brownie (Filling)
1) Melt chocolate and butter using double boil method.
2) Mix dry ingredients & raisins in the mixer's bowl & beat at speed 3.
3) Add melted chocolate mixture into the dry ingredients followed by egg and vanilla
4) Mix well and beat at Speed 6 for approximately 3-5 minutes.
5) Stop the mixer and scrap the mixture to fill the tart base.
6) Bake at 180 Degree Celsius for 13 minutes.

Chocolate Ganache
1) Place whipping cream, chocolate into a bowl.
2) Melt the chocolate using double boil method.
3) Mix well before pouring it on the cool tart.
4) Tart can be served chilled or warm.
5) Garnish with berries before serving.


Banana Cake with Cheese Topping

PARTICIPANT NAME: Young Beins, Diana
NAME OF DESSERT: Banana Top Cake with Cheese

250g butter
180g sugar
5 eggs
200gm self raising flour
1 tsp vanilla powder
2 bananas
Mashed 2 bananas
Sliced 150gm shredded cheese

1) Beat butter and sugar until creamy on the MUM8 cake machine at speed 4
2) Add the eggs one at a time until well mixed
3) Add the self raising flour a little at a time and the vanilla powder
4) Lastly add in mashed bananas and mix well
5) Line a baking tin with baking paper and arrange the sliced bananas until it
covers the entire base of the cake tin
6) Pour the mixture on top and bake in the oven at 180 degree Celsius for
about 45 minutes or until the cake is baked thoroughly
7) Allow to cool and sprinkle the shredded cheese on top before serving



PARTICIPANT NAME: Elizabeth Choy Wai Mai
NAME OF DESSERT: Sop with Jack Mousse Cake

4 eggs
100g sugar
100g plain flour (sifted)
100g warm melted butter
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Mousse filling: 3 tbsp water, 20g gelatin, 150g soursop (blended), 250g fresh
cream (whipped), 100g jackfruit (sliced thinly or shredded)

Jelly topping: 400g water, 12g instant jelly, 80g sugar and 1tsp lemon/lime

For decoration: 50-100g whipped fresh cream, 50g toasted almond flakes
and some sliced/shredded jackfruits

1) Preheat oven to 160 degrees C
2) Grease and line a deep 9" round baking tin with paper.
3) Whisk eggs, sugar and vanilla essence at max. speed until stiff.
4) Fold in sifted flour.
5) Add in warm melted butter and mix well
6) Pour into baking tin and bake for about 35 minutes
7) Cut cake into 3 layers when it is cooled
8) Dissolve gelatin in water over low fire
9) Leave to cool. Whisk fresh cream until stiff and add in the blended
soursop, sliced/shredded jackfruit and the cooled gelatin and mix well.
10) Position one layer of cake on a cake board and place a cake ring over.
11) Spread 1/3 of mousse mixture on top of cake. Repeat the same process
until all the mousse is used up. Take care not to leave any gap at the sides to
prevent jelly topping from flowing down.
12) Leave in the freezer to set, about 1/2 hour.
13) Boil water, sugar, juice and instant jelly together.
14) Set aside until lukewarm.
15) Decorate the top of cake with sliced/shredded jackfruit and pour lukewarm
instant jelly on top.
16) Leave in the fridge to set. Remove the cake ring and decorate the side
with whipped fresh cream and toasted almond flakes.



PARTICIPANT NAME: Florence Seow Kah May
NAME OF DESSERT: Peach Cheese Cake

2packs Philadelphia Cream Cheese (226gm)
1tube Bulla Premium Sour Cream (200ml)
1tube Bulla Pura Cream (200ml)
100gm SCS Butter
13pcs McVites Digestive Biscuits
4 Medium Eggs 1Tps
Vanilla Essence 2Tps
Gelatine Powder 1/2cup
Castor Sugar 1can
Peach Halves

1) Preheat oven to 175c for 10minutes
2) First, crush McVites Digestive Biscuits in a bowl, add melt butter and put in
the baking tray. Leave in the freezer for 1/2hour.
3) Put Philadelphia Cream Cheese and sugar into mixing bowl and beat till
4) Slowly add egg, one at the time. Lastly add sour cream and pura cream,
vanilla essence together beat till dissolve
5) Take out the baking tray from the freezer and pour items 3 & 4 into the baking tray, fold in the aluminium foil below the baking tray.
6) Add water bath in the tray
7) Bake at 175c for 45minutes then turn off the oven and leave it for 1hr inside.
8) Take the cake out from the oven and let it cool off for about 2hrs and then put in the fridge to chill
9) Decorate the cake with peaches
10) Cook gelatine powder till dissolve (set aside for 5minutes to cool) slowly pour all over onto the surface of the cheesecake and put in the fridge to chill again.


Orange Chocolate Muffins

NAME OF DESSERT: Orange Chocolate Cupcake

3 Eggs
1 cup of butter
¾ cup sugar
½ cup milk
2 cups self raising flour
½ Orange- Orange Juice
½ Orange- Orange Peel
¼ cup Cocoa powder
White chocolate silver topping (Optional)

1) Preheat oven to 160 Degree Celsius
2) Line 12 cupcake pans with cupcake paper
3) In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs, add butter and sugar, and then mix until light
4) Add milk and flour, stir until combined. Beat for 2 minutes, until light and creamy
5) Divide mixture into 2 bowls.
First bowl - add orange juice and peels.
Second bowl - add Cocoa
6) Add ½ mixture of each into each cupcake paper and stir gently to get a marble effect
7) Bake for 18-20 minutes until firm to touch. Allow to cool


Hokkaido Sweet Potato Steamed Cake

PARTICIPANT NAME: Karen Lum Chwee Fung
NAME OF DESSERT: Hokkaido Sweet Potato Steamed Cake

200g butter
200g fine sugar
1 egg
3 egg yolks
3 egg whites
300g flour (general purpose flour or cake flour)
1 tsp baking power
1 pinch of salt
50g full cream milk from Japan (Hokkaido)
50g coconut milk (fresh is better)
250g to 300g sweet potato cubes

1) Cream butter and sugar (120g) till light and fluffy
2) Add mixture of 1 egg and 3 egg yolks. Cream till smooth. Set aside.
3) In separate bowl, whip 3 egg whites with sugar (80g) till stiff peak.
4) Add egg whites mixture into the batter and combine well.
5) Fold in the flour (mixed and sifted flour and baking power) into the batter gently.
6) Add coconut milk with milk and fold gently.
7) Add sweet potato cubes.
8) Pour into baking or muffin pan.
9) Steam for 45mins.


Although simple, the banana cake was one of the best-tasting items


125g Butter
200g Sugar
200g Flour
4 ripe bananas (mashed)
2 eggs
1/3 cup milk (optional)
1) Cream butter and sugar till creamy n light
2) Add in eggs, a little at a time.
3) Add in mashed bananas and flour.
4) Pour mixture into a grease baking tin.
5) Bake in a preheated oven at 180 c for 35mins.
6) Cook and cut neatly before serving

Happy baking and experimenting!


  1. yay, thanks for new recipe!!!

  2. That chocolate tart does look rather yummy. Now just need to get someone to make it for me. *looks at devil...*

    Merry Xmas again and a Happy New Year, dear! :)

  3. Looks so fab! can u pls bake for me.. since im rubbish at baking? pls pls?!! hahaha :)


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