Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boomarang - Best.Sticky.Date.Pudding.Ever!

Best ever sticky date pudding!
The heavens have opened up and I hear cherubs singing! Supremely moist, dense and sticky - all the qualities I have been looking for in sticky date pudding...found! If anything, this one probably over-delivered in these respects. And as if that's not decadent enough, the warm pudding comes with a gob of buttercream and creamy (real) vanilla ice cream, and then the whole thing is drenched in butterscotch syrup!

Thanks to Marina who tipped me off on this dessert (S$10) at Boomarang! Sorry, Marmalade Pantry, but this is what I was really expecting when you say sticky date pudding!

Lots of outdoor seating but most folks prefer the shade
Boomarang is a sprawling bistro, cafe and bar that's taken over the old Simply Bread at Robertson Quay. It's Aussie tucker, as close as you can get to the real thing. There's lots of outdoor seating, especially wooden tables and chairs. But in this weather, unless you have a melanoma deathwish, the shade is probably a better idea.

"Kings Cross" (S$20) - the works (minute steak, beef sausages, crispy bacon, fried eggs, mushrooms, roma tomatoes on sourdough)
Boomarang serves all-day breakfast on weekends and public holidays, and from 8am-11.30am on weekdays. Their breakfast menu is extensive and portions are hearty! I went for the works - "Kings Cross" (minute steak, beef sausages, crispy bacon, fried eggs, mushrooms, roma tomatoes on sourdough, S$20). The minute steak was a little dry but I enjoyed the bacon and herbed beef sausages. Eggs are still runny. The roma tomatoes are delicious (I usually balk at breakfast grilled tomatoes but had no trouble with these).

Wagyu Corned Beef Hash (S$16) - sauteed potatoes, fried egg on Turkish toast
We also could not resist ordering the Wagyu Corned Beef Hash (S$16) - sauteed potatoes, fried eggs on Turkish toast. Unfortunately, the hash was bland and we could barely taste the wagyu. Potatoes were a tad more flavourful with herbs. And the soft Turkish toast was addictive - I used them to mop up the butterscotch of the sticky date pudding!

Boomarang is kid-friendly, with coloring kits and children's menus
Boomarang welcomes kids and families - you'll see lots of these on weekends. There are children's menus (click for bigger photo, sorry for the mess!) and colouring kits to keep little hands busy. Boomarang is also pet-friendly. Bring your dog and they can give you a dog bowl.

Beer fiends take note!
Of course, Aussies are never far from their beers! I also noticed a well-stocked wine cellar. But do try their coffee - it's really good. Apparently they bring in Campos, raved by the New York Times as worth flying from New York to Sydney for. Even my 2-year-old Jolie was hooked, assiduously stealing teaspoons of it from her daddy's cup.

Boomarang can be a nice place to chill out by the riverside. However, when it gets crowded, service and food can be slow. I should like to come back perhaps on a weekday and try their Pepper and Lime Calamari, Wagyu Steak, and Peppered Kangaroo Loin. Anyone in the mood for marsupial meat?

60 Robertson Quay
#01-15 The Quayside
Singapore 238252
Tel: 6738-1077 (reservations advised)
Open daily 8am til late


  1. Wow, lovely find. I love places which welcome kids. I can spy flecks of vanilla bean in the (real) vanilla ice-cream hehe.

  2. I walked past Boomarang whilst heading for Kith Cafe nearby. I think your Sticky Date Pudding does look far more appetising than Marmalade's! And the King's Cross does seem lovely, with a reasonable $20 price tag too.

  3. ho ho! ju and me had the kangaroo loin (or rather we ordered it and only i had it), and also the lime lemon calamari! now your eggs make me feel like going back for brunch during weekends! :)

  4. lol, eek! i wonder if i hv a melanoma death wish, always out in the sun :( anyway i use spf so should be ok la.
    oh, could not take my eyes off that wonderful Wagyu Corned Beef Hash. I mean, it's like taking that gorgeous instant food that you slap between 2 slices of bread or eat with rice in a jiffy, to a whole new gourmet level! sounds terrific and something I would probably get addicted too only too easily;)

    (ps. eureka! i got the book! thank u)

  5. We had lunch, but I would trade my lunch for your brekkie. Runny eggs and hash ... yum. I agree their SDP is awesome ... recipe from the chef's granny, apparently. Oh yes, the coffee is excellent too! Great pics, as always. :)

  6. I am currently living in Sydney now and am only a 3 min walk from Campos! I agree that the coffee's excellent!! :)

  7. Wow, the sticky date pudding does look awesome. The syrup soaked bready pudding have me gulping. Great photos!

  8. I have been on a search for the BEST Sticky Date Pudding in Singapore for over 1 year ..... and this is it. Hands down, the best i've ever, ever, ever had anywhere. They should give a Money Back Guarantee on this one it's so good.

  9. I must say i was dissapointed by what i had for lunch, their seafood platter, chocolate cake (honestly a waste of time) the pavolova (lackluster) and the SDP which was good, but i dont think it was all that amazing...

    But god that chocolate cake was honestly like a stodgy peice of dough. Dont EVER get that and probably just stick to their breakfast/brunch items.

  10. The thought of that all-day breakfast followed by the best sticky date pudding (ever!) makes my heart ache for the weekend to arrive sooner. Like, right NOW! :P


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