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Global Kitchen Sunday Champagne Brunch

Veuve Clicquot champagne
Sunday champagne brunches are such indulgent affairs. I don't just mean the unlimited bubbly, booze and beer. When you need more than one hour to take photos of the buffet, you know there's just too much food! I found myself ironically wishing there were fewer dishes!

The brunch at Global Kitchen (Level 3, Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore) offers more than 100 culinary selections, but what's noteworthy is their five live stations for food that's best prepared a la minute (eggs, pasta, oysters, vol au vents, and crepes). And if you love freeflow Veuve Clicquot, that alone is reason to come.

Desserts perched and suspended
But forgive me as I start with their desserts, as they are the first thing you see when you walk into the restaurant foyer. All sorts of mini cakes and tarts suspended on metal tiers, and perched on shelves. Their appeal lies more in dramatic presentation than taste though. They surround the crepe live station and chocolate fountain. Try the caramel banana crepes - so addictive! Or you can have fresh strawberries, mixed berries compote, with chocolate, vanilla or maple syrup.

The chocolates look too pretty to pluck off!
A tower of chocolates! They looked so pretty, I almost felt bad plucking them off. Almost. The ones with nuts are thankfully less sweet.

There were half a dozen cakes, but none had labels so I can't tell you what's what, but you can roughly guess from their appearance.

Chocolate souffle in a cup, baked a la minute!
Chocolate souffle in a cup, baked a la minute! These are next to the crepe live station. Be careful not to take the cups straight to your table to eat (a few people did) - pass them to the chef for baking first!

Many kinds of salmon and cured fish
There were 4-5 different kinds of cured salmon and fish, located near the mini-pies, puffs and stews.

Chilled Seafood
Chilled seafood is what most folks make a beeline for. Especially when you have Alaskan king crab. Oysters, crab, mussels, scallop, crayfish and prawns complete seafood on ice line-up.

Many cold items
There were many cold salads, terrines and dishes that I didn't try. Ditto the bread station, a cheese board with dried fruit and nuts. (Have I told you there was too much food?)

Eggs benedict
What's brunch without eggs? Besides readymade eggs Benedict (above) in the warmer, there's a live station to prepare eggs however you want them - poached, boiled, scrambled, fried, baked, omelette and even egg white omelette.

Pan Pacific brand sausages
Pan Pacific makes their own brand of cold cuts and sausages (which retail at places like Cold Storage). Here, of course, you'll get to sample the wide variety available. The sausages were not bad.

Oyster live station prepares it eight ways
Oysters (from France and Canada) prepared eight ways - freshly shucked or Au Naturel, Oyster Shooter, Martini Oyster with Olive, Baked Oyster with Cheese, Crispy Oyster wrapped with Bacon, Oyster Carpaccio with Spicy Tomato, Oyster Tempura and Oyster with Spicy Coriander & Garlic. Not surprisingly, this was a popular station.

Oysters Gratin
Oysters baked with cheese - if you're squeamish about eating freshly shucked live oysters, this might be a way for you to enjoy them.

Bacon wrapped oysters and tempura oysters
Bacon wrapped oysters and tempura oysters. These were snapped up faster than the chef could prepare them!

The fish and chips station was one of the best
The fish and chips station was one of the best, I felt. There's even some mashed peas and curry sauce to go with your freshly fried platter.

Carving station gives you roast beef and lamb
The carving station yields roast beef and lamb, accompanied by Yorkshire puddings and appropriate sauces. Both meats were still pink in the middle, but I often find the meats from such carving stations rather tough and chewy for some reason.

Foie gras vol au vent
From the Vol Au Vents live station: choose from Prawn with Brandy Sauce, Duck Confit with Foie Gras (pictured above), Chicken Ragout with Mushrooms and Ham & Cheese Ragout. Ladyironchef said this one was delicious. I was tempted to take one for myself but was already too full.

Mains, so many!
There are so many main courses, both Asian and contemporary. Duck breast, baked salmon, spring chicken with thyme, paella, steamed vegetables, seabass in tomato-garlic stew, pork loin, beef tenderloin, grilled vegetables in balsamic glaze, and boulangere potato. Stuff in warmers tend not to be stellar but I wasn't able to try EVERYTHING, so maybe there were one or two good items I missed.

I liked the pan-fried mixed mushrooms
I liked the pan-fried mixed mushrooms though - hearty and delicious. You can't go wrong with mushrooms.

The duo "Los Cheros" really livened up the atmosphere
The other thing that made Global Kitchen stand out from other brunches was the live entertainment. This band, Los Cheros, lit up the place with cheery tunes, playing tirelessly for the entire 3-hour duration.

Global Kitchen had entertainers too
There are also two entertainers performing magic tricks and balloon sculpting. Enthralling for kids and kids-at-heart!

Very nice gourmet teas
Surprisingly, I enjoyed the gourmet teas (21 varieties of Taylors of Harrogate premium tea) much more than the alcohol. Very soothing after a heavy meal. You can brew entire pots or just use one teabag for a single cup. Don't look down on the humble teabag - I tried two (peppermint; orange and mango) and both were potently fragrant!

I could only take one glass of champagne
There were lots of expats with their families at the brunch. Quite a few had birthday parties (yes, you will be serenaded by the band). Thanks to Cheryl and Merissa of Pan Pacific Hotel for hosting the media tasting session which included Ladyironchef and Aromacookery. Look out for their posts!

The champagne brunch is on Sundays from 12.00pm to 3.00pm.

$98++ per adult (with Champagne, wines, cocktails, beers, juices and soft drinks)
$88++ per adult (with wines, cocktails, beers, juices and soft drinks)
$78++ per adult (with juices and soft drinks)

As part of the “Petit Gourmet” programme, children aged 6 to 12 years are charged a dollar for each year of age.

Level 3, Pan Pacific Hotel
7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
Singapore 039595
Tel: 6826-8240


  1. the desserts looks scrummy!!! so are the savories!

  2. The food looks so delicious, and the amounts. Wow! This is something I'd love to be at, but I know afterwards I'd regret it with the amounts I would eat.

  3. the number of photos keep putting me off in blogging it. good job you combine so many photos together :) the desserts photos look fab, but i think my other photos will be ugly haha

  4. That all looks really delicious - and I had to giggle when I saw the balloon dog because it reminded me of my friend who makes balloon animals - he brought a bag of balloons and a pump on our recent holiday and cheered up bored kids on the underground tube in London! :D

  5. Evan: thanks! the live stations are the best!

    Christine: Yeah, that happens to me too - I will always eat beyond the point of satisfaction! lol

    LIC: the cosy lighting was a huge challenge, I had to do a lot of work on the photos too! Hurry up and post yours! :)

    Katie: that sure sounds like fun! what a thing to do for the kids! :)

  6. Indeed a wide spread...not often you get to have oyster shooter in buffets.

  7. Wow Camemberu, excellent post once again. We are contemplating on staying at Pan Pac the next time we visit S'pore now! Keep snapping away! Your photos are trully amazing. Very low noise at Iso 800! What's the secret?

    On a side note, what ainitially ttracted us to your blog was the review of Wasabi Bistro (Apr 7 08!). Are you able to confirm whether the weekend buffet is still on now? How much would that set you back? Is the standard still as good you reckon?

  8. CK: yeah., true

    Anon: wow, thanks! We did have difficulty shooting as the lighting was not ideal. Er, I don't have secrets, so I guess the camera is good?

    As for Wasabi Bistro, yes, the weekend buffet is still on at S$68++ (noon to 2.30pm; last order 2pm) but I'm not sure about the standard, as I've heard mixed reviews since I last went.

  9. Love your post. thanks for sharing..:D

  10. Both your food critics and pictures taken very fab! I am hungry!!!!

  11. on i have the sqame feeling too, I will defintely have those dessert first! :)

  12. How's the brunch as compared to Oriental's Melt? I was at Panpac for their dinner buffet and sadly their variety was pathetic and quality average. But your pictures of their brunch sure look promising!

  13. HI camemberu,

    I was wondering which top 3 buffets wld u recommend.. was browsing thru your buffets posts.. thinking of bring my parents to a session and another with hub before the year ends..

    All the pics look tantalising.. esp this post!

  14. oh the anon above is me aka summerpeach

  15. Hi sorry I missed the questions here earlier.

    1st anon: Comparing Melt with Global Kitchen? To be honest, I was so busy taking photos (so many items!) that I didn't get to try many items from both buffets. Melt seems to have more variety and quality, but they are also a tiny bit more expensive.

    Summerpeach: There are so many buffets and types of buffets (from Japanese to German and even chocolate). So it really depends on what cuisine and budget you are looking at. What do your parents like?

  16. i went down last sunday, the oyster counter is not there any more. and there isn't as much choices but still the food are good. The desserts are really fantastic.

  17. Woww.. bookmarked. Heading over this weekend. =)

  18. All your brunch posts look amazing. We'll be visiting singapore only for 4 days. If we can only do one brunch which do you recommend?

  19. Thanks, anonymous. You could try either the Four Seasons Hotel brunch or MELT at the Mandarin Oriental - Fantastic variety.


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