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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dark Hokkien Mee at Le Wai Tian

Dark Hokkien Mee
Le Wai Tian's dark Hokkien mee is reputed to have lots of fried pork lard pieces. But I think they have cut down on it a little recently. The pork lard pieces here are still juicy with fat, not fried til totally crunchy. Hubby loved the noodles and thought them very reasonably priced (only S$3.50). For me, they're OK but just too different from the KL-style (really dark) Hokkien mee that I'm seeking. I preferred the charcoal fried Hokkien mee.

Meanwhile, I must learn how to use the 50mm lens properly. Seems like there's too much foreground and background blur. Or is that a good thing?

Le Wai Tian
They have lots of cze char dishes. I need a bigger group to try dishes here!

Kim San Leng Food Centre
324T Changi Road
Singapore 419799
Open daily from 5pm til near midnight


  1. looks like a pretty nice place. how about organizing a makan trip to try the cze car dishes.

  2. i think stopping down would help. i heard that it's very sharp from 2.8 onwards. very shallow dof on this one, unlike most of your food photos w/c are very detailed. but still.. "sugoi ne!"

  3. yupe, it is different from the dark, dry, oily kl-style hokkien mee. but credits should be given for the good amount of fried lard lar, i guess..hehe

    ya, i'm having problems with the new prime lens as well. it feels like learning from scratch again! i feel that the DOF is very subjective. some like it more. but for me, i like it less. weird hor? hehehe...

  4. Azarael: that's an idea.

    Nostalgia: yeah, much as I like the f/1.8, I realise it's not ideal for many shots!

    Nic: yeah, sometimes too much blur is not nice. I guess it's the way the DOF is used, whether to good effect or not. I say if it's not an instant "wow" to the eye, then it doesn't work! :P

  5. I might be wrong, but is the food centre still there?? I think I passed by (the beginning of) Telok Kurau Rd and I didn't see it!


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