Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jing - Weekend Brunch (Part 2)

Chili Crab
This is the second part of our Jing weekend brunch. First part on appetisers, dim sum and soups is here in the previous post.

The menu actually allows a single serving of chili crab, which itself is worth more than the price of admission. We didn't expect much for crab served in an a la carte buffet but were pleasantly surprised that it's even better than what's served at No Signboard and Jumbo (East Coast). And they gave us a huge, meaty crab too - the fried mantou buns look tiny next to it!

We also requested the single serve of deep-fried "soon hock" (either soy or Thai style) but they ran out of that quite quickly.

Steamed Fillet of Chilean Seabass with Mei Cai or Preserved Mustard Leaves
I'm sure we've all had "mei cai kou rou" (braised pork with preserved mustard leaves) but this is the first time I've seen preserved mustard leaves paired with fish - in this case, steamed fillet of Chilean Seabass. Surprisingly, it works very well. The leaves lend a gentle salty-sweetness to the fish.

Signature Wasabi Prawns
Jing's signature wasabi prawns - competently done but I seem to have had better elsewhere. Prawns are big and fresh though.

Pan-seared Beef Strips with Sesame Sauce
Clearly a dish with Korean influences. It even comes with a small kimchee garnish on the side. Pan-seared Beef Strips with Sesame Sauce. Commendable because the meat is very tender and flavourful.

Fish Fingers for kids
Jing is certainly geared for families - they have a special section on the menu just for kids (but who says adults can't enjoy them too?). Fried fish fingers, french fries and chicken wings (very gently) flavoured with shrimp paste. The fish fingers are almost cottony-soft. Nadine and Jolie liked these.

Sweet and Sour Pork
Possibly my favourite dish. Perfectly done. Pork pieces fried just right, firmly crispy on the outside, tender within. The sauce too, was expertly concocted. Would have been awesome with some rice.

Fried String Beans with Minced Pork, Mushrooms and Dried Shrimps
The token vegetable dish. Fried string beans with minced pork, mushrooms and dried shrimps. A little too wet and salty for my liking.

XO Chili Sauce Carrot Cake
I wish the XO chili sauce carrot cake had more of a spicy kick to it. And it's the first time I've had carrot cake with the egg still runny in places. Perhaps a boon to some, but I prefer eggs fully cooked (even better yet, crispy!).

Stewed Ee-fu Noodles with Mashed Eggplant and Shrimp Roe
I love ee-fu noodles but haven't found many places that do it well. This stewed ee-fu noodles with mashed eggplant and shrimp roe looks a little one-dimensional because of the colour. Not bad, but still not my ideal version.

Rice Noodles Braised with Sliced Beef and Egg or simply Beef hor fun
"Rice Noodles Braised with Sliced Beef and Egg" or simply "beef hor fun". I didn't order this, but it came to my table by mistake (the staff were very overworked and harried). I don't know what it tastes like (they took it away) but at least you get to see what it looks like.

Yummy Trio of Sweet Bites
You have to end with some deliciously sweet fresh fruit, and perhaps more bite-size pastries (which were all excellent). More egg tarts? The curry puff-shaped item in the centre has a sweet green filling - like pandan lotus paste. And the cashew-nut topped cookie also has a filling - either lotus paste or the stuff inside "lao puo bing" or wife's biscuit. All three I really liked. They were not too sweet.

In addition to the dessert station, they also have homemade vanilla ice cream - with real specks of vanilla seeds! They came around offering this to each table. Always welcome with the kids.

Interior of Jing, and yes, that's the chef
Chef Yong Bing Ngen came out to mingle with the guests every now and then. Gently sweaty but always poised - his commanding presence is unmistakable.

I'm guessing Jing's best meals and service come from a la carte orders on weekdays when there isn't such a huge crowd. But at this price (S$36++ per person) for the brunch, I am more than happy with what I got. Check out the full menu here. I just hope it doesn't get more crowded than it already is!

One Fullerton, #01-02/03
1 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049213
Tel: 6224 0088
Opening Hours:
Lunch - 11.45am to 3pm (Last order - 2.30pm)
Dinner - 6.30pm to 11pm (Last order - 10.30pm)


  1. After your review, I'm sure the place will attract a bigger crowd =P

  2. With your mouthwatering review & pics, it will *definitely* be more crowded than it already is!

  3. WAH!!! just the crab and the seabass alone is worth awhile...

    *pushing away the crowd to die-die make a reservation*

  4. Nic! This means you're staying a weekend in Singapore? Get your KL kakis down here and let's all go pig out! :D

  5. Your pic and description of the sweet sour pork had me drooling...:)

  6. The KL kakis are waiting in line to jump on board Nic's bus back to the Lion City! ;)

    Btw, I love how you managed to take a pic of the beef hor fun that came by your table by mistake before they took it away... Hehe.

  7. Oh. my.god. The pics!

    *wails* I can't wait till next week to go!

  8. Just came back from Jing ;) Food is definitely good and the spread is pretty astounding, considering that a whole crab & soon hock are included. But I feel service needs some improvement. *Personally* though, I prefer the dim sum (and service) at Cherry Garden. Still, excellent value for $36+++. Thanks, Camemberu! :)

  9. is there a minimum sitting per table?

  10. Julia: it was yummy!

    LFB: come one and all, KL kakis! :D We are sometimes also tempted to go KL and eat - it's where the good food really is!

    Rachel: lol

    Ju: yes, I agree service is a bit lacklustre. They seem quite overwhelmed. Hope they beef up staff for weekends. Cherry Garden is of course, better for dim sum - now S$45++ though.

  11. Anon: Hmm, I'm not sure. Doesn't seem to be a minimum seating requirement (normally they will state). Best call to confirm though. Anyway you definitely have to make reservations.

  12. Hello, just a question. Between Jing and Peach Garden, which do you prefer?

  13. You know, I still haven't been to Peach Garden...each time I try to go, something crops up. But I believe Peach Garden may be more traditional Cantonese.

  14. all theese items are imcluced in the brunch buffet?


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